Natural and cosmetic remedies for cracked heels

We, women, make strenuous efforts to look good, but nonetheless often a little something remains that prevents us from being perfect "from head to toe". Sometimes our heels - calloused and cracked, are the reason for our suffering confidence, or the reason for purely physical pain with every step.

What causes this delicacy of the skin of the feet? We know that its thickness is bigger than other parts of the body, but obviously that does not make it more secure from harm. The truth is that our feet are devoid of sebaceous glands, whose function is to protect the epidermis from drying and cracking. Adding the fact that they are often forced to take all of our weight and to endure uncomfortable shoes or rough surfaces when walking barefoot, the answer comes to mind easily.

Unfortunately, there is a certain group of people whose feet are more vulnerable. These are patients with diabetes, thyroid disorders, psoriasis and certain other diseases. In the risk group are also the elderly, the overweight and those who spend their working day "on foot".

The best way to deal with this problem is to prevent its occurrence. It is therefore important to take care of your general health, to get enough valuable nutrients through diet, to maintain personal hygiene and to wear comfortable shoes.

Regular exfoliation of the toes and application of moisturizers after bathing are also crucial for maintaining the smoothness of the skin.

Foot cream is not only a preventive measure, but an effective remedy for already appeared problems, as well. The antiseptic ingredients prevent the risk of infection of injured and bleeding tissue, whereas ingredients with nourishing, regenerating and soothing action assist in regaining its healthy and aesthetic appearance.

Folk medicine also offers salvation from cracked heels in a variety of easy to follow recipes:
Potato peelings remedy

Boil the peels of a few potatoes and immerse your feet in the liquid for at least 5 nights in a row. Do not rinse or dry afterwards. After they dry by themselves - smear them with glycerin.

Calendula ointment

Chop finely a handful of flowers, leaves and stems of marigold and place them in 250 ml of sunflower oil. After 10 days the ointment is ready for use. Cover your toes with it at night and put on socks.

Carrot cure

Grate 100 g of carrots and put them in a glass jar with ½ liter of sunflower oil. Keep the jar in a warm and dark place for 10 days. Strain the mixture and used it externally to heal the skin.

Rice peeling

Stir a small amount of rice flour, honey and vinegar to obtain a paste. Gently rub the affected area with circular movements. Repeat the procedure every few days.

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