Natural tips against graying of hair

The white color of the hair is due to the lack of pigment in them, as well as the accumulation of excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide - a compound which the hair cells naturally produce. It seems that the mechanism of hair aging is quite simple, but it is a complex puzzle composed of hundreds of parts that are important to the overall picture.

Натурални съвети  срещу побеляване на косата

We used to accept graying as an inevitable mark of the passing years, but actually not only their number, but also the way we live, can become
a catalyst of the aging of our hair.

It is true that much of our lives is predestined by genes that could steak our hair at 40. But this fact should not discourage us to be dedicated in maintaining its youthful color.

Some diseases, for example these connected with the thyroid gland, often become a cause for the premature graying of the hair. Therefore it is extremely important to take care of the overall health of our bodies to enjoy an excellent appearance, as well.

In this regard, it is necessary to stop the harmful habits. It was found that smoking generates large amounts of free radicals, which increase the oxidative stress in the body and damage the cells that produce melanin. Thus, the risk of premature graying of the hair grows about 4 times in smokers.

The food we give to our cells is also a key factor for the preservation of their functions. Usually the absence of a substance in the body has negative consequences.

Very often for the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide are responsible the low levels of the enzyme catalase, which takes care of the breakdown of the compound. Consuming larger amounts of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, turnip, etc.). not only supplies us with the important enzyme, but also stimulates its production in the body. Although catalase is one of the most thermostable enzymes, the heat treatment of the food decreases its activity. It is therefore advisable to eat the vegetables raw and fresh. Almost all fruits contain catalase, but peaches, cherries and apricots are renowned for their particularly high quantities.

Onion juice also supports the production of the enzyme. If its intense aroma does not bother you, you can try the following recipe for preventing gray hair: Squeeze an onion and rub the juice into your scalp massaging gently. Leave it for half an hour and rinse. Repeat the procedure daily for several weeks.

The element magnesium is another piece of the puzzle, which affects the production of the enzyme catalase. But a number of factors interfere with the absorption of magnesium itself. Among them are stress, frequent or prolonged illness, the use of carbonated drinks, the mineral imbalance in the body. After we remove the blockages for the cellular activity of magnesium, we can obtain additional quantities of it from food - pumpkin seeds, spinach, soybeans and others.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 is seen as another reason for the untimely graying of hair. The vitamin is present in great quantities in meat products, but it is recommended to get it consuming eggs (especially goose еggs) and cheese.

There are a lot of things we can do to prevent the appearance of the first grey hair. It is good to keep studying the process of their formation and of course, to experiment. For the cases it is too late for preventive measures, the cosmetic industry offers excellent solutions for coloring the hair - natural henna, dye for women and dye, consistent with the specific characteristics of male hair, beard and mustache.

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