Skin care during the autumn

Autumn is a transitional season not only in nature but also in the care of our appearance. This is the moment when we must make some changes in our daily beauty routine to help our skin recover from the damage, caused by the extreme summer climate and to prepare it for the next critical period – the winter. Here is what kind of care you should take for your skin, in the autumn, to keep it beautiful and healthy!

Remove the dead skin cells once a week

To greet the winter with fresh skin, you should remove the surface layer of the skin that is probably dried by sun exposure. You can use a peeling mask with active ingredients such as clay, aloe vera, beta glucans, which simultaneously exfoliates, nourishes and hydrates.

Replace the moisturizing face product, you use, with other that has a denser texture

As the air becomes drier, the skin needs more reliable barrier (especially at night), to retain the moisture in depth, and also to keep the elasticity and hydration in norm. The formulations are most often enriched with active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, Q10 or aminopeptidases and are consistent with the age.

Apply a face mask for an extra hydration once a week

It is good to use a face mask, once a week at bedtime and before applying a hydrating product, to keep your skin fresh and tender. Thanks to the heavy dose of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients it quickly restores the skin, stimulates the intracellular exchange and moisturize in depth.

Replace the bath products you use

It is recommended to switch to a milder and more moisturizing formula in the shower, to restore the hydro balance of the body skin. The shower cream is a great alternative, because it contains mostly natural ingredients (like aloe vera, Kamu Kamu, grapefruit, cotton plant, strawberry, fig), providing the necessary skin care, comfort and long-lasting fragrance.

Protect your skin from the weather conditions

The autumn cold, rain and wind are factors, which inevitably damage and dry the skin. Therefore it is better to cover the exposed areas of the face and body with a hat, a scarf, gloves and earmuffs. Apply a protecting or a healing cosmetic product before or after a walk.

Pay attention to your hands

If you have been skipping the regular use of a hand cream till now, it is time to turn it into your daily companion. Enriched with nourishing and antioxidative ingredients (such as cherry, melon, water lily), it will quickly heal, soften, moisturize and protect dry and chapped skin. Keep the cream in your bag and apply it after washing your hands or before going out.

Don’t stop moving

Although the cold weather tempts you to stay in your warm bed and to give up on any more dynamic activities, movement is essential for the health and shine of the skin (and the welfare of the whole organism). A workout in the gym, exercise at home or a walk in the park will maintain stable blood circulation, and thus will support the spreading of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

The right beauty care during the autumn is something, which is completely under your control, so do everything necessary to strengthen the protective function of your skin and to help it combat the internal and external aggressors.


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