Soap or shower gel – which one, when?

Choosing between soap and shower gel turns into a real dilemma when we are facing the variety of specific properties, enchanting ingredients and attractive packages offered in the store. Just like soap, shower gel is also used to maintain personal hygiene and both share a common purpose - to remove dirt and germs from the skin surface and to create a sense of freshness, comfort and cleanliness.

The difference in their formulas is mainly in the production process. Both contain active agents, which in contact with water, form the foam required for decomposition of dirt and elimination of bacteria. In soaps these are the so called saponins, and in the shower gels - other type of foamy ingredients. The additional active ingredients, on the other hand, contribute to a broad spectrum of activity.

Whether you will choose a soap or a shower gel depends largely on your personal preference for the texture, but above all – on the type of your skin. If you have normal or oily skin, you can afford both cleansing products, but if your skin is dry, sensitive or problematic - better choose a shower gel, as it has more soft and friendly action. And since both products have their advantages, we will give you specific examples about the cases, in which it is appropriate to use each of them.

  • Soap is more practical and effective disinfectant when washing hands or parts of the body during the day.
  •  As it can be applied either alone or with additional help, soap is the perfect assistant for the removal of accidental stains on clothes or thicker dirt (including blood) on the skin.
  •  Soap is suitable for active athletes after exercise or in case of excessive sweating, as it successfully deals with unpleasant odors and bacteria, that cause them.

The modern soap formulas are generously enriched with natural ingredients that restore the washed out skin fat, and at the same time moisturize, nourish, exfoliate, soften, protect, revitalize and soothe. They penetrate deeply and leave a long-lasting fragrance with aromatherapeutic effect on the body and mind.

  • The formulation of the shower gel is usually water-based, which makes it more soft and comfortable to the skin. Therefore it is recommended for bathing - instead of or after the use of a soap.
  • Much of the shower gels have extremely organic formulas, without parabens, alkaline soap, artificial coloring agents and fragrances, and with neutral pH.
  • Shower gel spreads more gently and delicately on the body, forming a fine protective film of moisturizing and lubricating ingredients that have prolonged effect on the skin, seal moisture into the pores and serve as a barrier against the environment.
  • Shower gel is safer in healthy attitude. Its formula is isolated in a hermetically sealed package and can not be a direct carrier of bacteria and germs even if used consistently by several people.

The shower gels’ formulas most often include natural ingredients that act exceptionally favorable, even medically on sensitive, problematic and acne-prone skin. They soothe, hydrate and nourish, leaving it soft and delicate as silk.

If you are not the kind of person that would limit him-/ herself to one type of product, then nothing stops you from using both soap and shower gel. Just at a different time depending on the changes or the comfort of your skin. If, for example, it is more sensitive and dry in cold weather, but becomes oily earlier during the summer, better buy a shower gel for the winter months, and use soap in the summer. Thanks to the advanced formulas of the cosmetic products, you will delight your senses in both cases.

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