Special care for the skin over 50


"At fifty everyone has the face he deserves" philosophically said the master of the pen George Orwell.

And he is probably right. But from a purely practical and aesthetic point of view, it depends on every person to keep some special rules and take care of his/ her skin and appearance. See how you can outsmart the nature, and look over 50, as youthful and vibrant as in the previous decades of your life.

After 50 years of age, women begin to clearly notice the marks of time on their skin. With a few changes in the daily beauty routine and the selection of appropriate cosmetics, tailored to the specificities of the skin in this age category, the visible signs of aging can be delayed.

What are the characteristics of the skin over 50?

Sagging and drying of the skin, deepening of the wrinkles (including the mimic ones), hyperpigmentation, loss of gloss, more visible pores.

What are the specific reasons for the skin changes over 50?

  • Critical decrease of elastin and collagen in the body – the proteins responsible for keeping the skin toned and tight.
  • Damages caused by the UV-rays over the years
  • Menopause, which causes hormonal imbalance in the body. The estrogen levels decrease, and this slows down the production of fat. As a result, the skin becomes drier and dehydrated.
  • As a consequence of dehydration and loss of elasticity, the wrinkles become more visible.

What special care needs the skin over 50?

The skin hydration must be a major priority

Pay particular attention to the neck and the areas around the eyes and the lips, as these are the most sensitive and vulnerable areas and the signs of aging become visible there first.

You must clean the face with a mild formula tailored to your skin type, before applying a moisturizing product. Note that due to changes in the cellular structure, the skin may react differently to the means, you have used up to now to remove makeup and dirt. So look for the best cosmetic product.

Apply day and night cream with anti-aging formula every day

Developed especially for the needs of the skin over 50, they contain highly effective anti-aging active ingredients of new generation (such as aminopeptidase) and organic natural oils. In combination, they hydrate and nourish the skin, stimulate the collagen synthesis, protect against free radicals, accelerate the regeneration and retain moisture in the cells. As a result the creams reduce the wrinkles and fine lines, even out the complexion and give it freshness.

Use complementary care for an extra efficiency

If until now, you’ ve been avoiding mixing your daily moisturizing product with other products, it is time to start. It is strongly recommended to apply sunscreen, no matter the season, after you put a day cream on your face. Another option is to use a cream with SPF in the formula. Apply a concentrate or a serum, specialized for skin over 50, before your night cream. Usually, they contain natural oils and revolutionary complexes, which penetrate deeply into the skin and accelerate the effect of the subsequent care.

Apply the anti-aging products with massage

The good blood circulation is essential for the welfare of the tissues. Through the regular massage you will assist the transfer of oxygen, nutrients, water and hormones to the cells and will release them from toxins. Thus, you will restore the skin tone and radiance.

Avoid using heavy makeup and foundation, which is too thick

This way, you choke and clog the pores, assist the skin drying, and even emphasize the signs of time. Moreover, it will make the cleansing of the face harder and longer. It would be better to switch to more natural look and use pastel shades.

Exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week

It is a requirement for the skin over 50, because the cell regeneration is slower. In addition, the regular removal of dead cells will significantly speed up the visible results of the care you take.

Enrich your menu with vitamins and minerals

Over 50, you need much more "good fats", zinc, antioxidants and vitamin C, than the previous decades, to keep the good health, condition and shine of your skin. So increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds, salmon, olive oil, avocado, seafood, eggs.

People say that the time over 50 is one of the best periods in a woman's life. When she takes patient care, using the right tools, it is visible not only externally, but also in her behavior. Then she has no need of aesthetic pocedures to look naturally beautiful and thirsty for life.

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