Stress - an enemy of beauty

Стресът - враг на красотата


The fact that stress in everyday life inflict harm not only to health but also to the appearance is well-known and scientifically proven. Skin, hair, and even nails turn into its major indicators undergoing a number of transformations, unfortunately in a negative direction.

Before you tell to yourself with a smile that you are not threatened, because you live a happy and harmonious life without any significant worries and difficulties, note that when it comes to skin and hair, the concept of stress has a broader meaning. Stressful are the climatic conditions, insufficient sleep and water intake, unhealthy food, as well as the habit to get angry about your failures. Even one more serious case of stress to the body such as pregnancy, birth, intake of strong medicaments can affect your appearance. Here's how:

Stress and skin

When a person is in a state of stress, his body produces large amounts of the cortisol hormone. On the one hand, it stimulates the sebum secretion while on the other hand it deviates the blood flow to the muscles and other organs and thus prevents the penetration of oxygen and nutritional components in the cells. As a result appear irritations, sensitivity, excessive oiliness, acne, rashes, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections.

Under the influence of stress the barrier function of the skin is also affected and besides that skin becomes more vulnerable to external factors, the time for its recovery slows down, as well. As a result, disorders occur in the cell membrane. That accelerates water loss and thereby leads to excessive drying of the skin. The fine lines and the loss of shine become more visible, chapped and rough areas form and allergens, bacteria and dirt from the environment more easily cause inflammation and problems.

Stress and hair

The most frequent phenomenons in hair due to stress are sensitive scalp and hair loss. Unlike the skin, however, where the results are visible almost immediately, it usually occurs weeks or months later. The reason is the lack of vitamins, minerals and oxygen, which have been directed by blood flow to those organs, which needed most energy and strength to survive in the moments of stress. As if a break was given to hair for the body to concentrate on the process of recovery and healing of stress.

The same reason - lack of sufficient amounts of nutrients, can lead to disorders in the hair structure and scalp’s health. As a result, hair becomes thin, dry, lifeless, dull and extremely prone to tangling and breakage, and scalp - sensitive, itching and with dandruff.

How to help your hair and skin to cope with stress?

Although it is primarily important to identify the source of stress and try to eliminate it, as well as to start taking more healthy foods and more fluids, the right cosmetic care can also be a priceless assistant in combating stress factors.

Do not miss the morning and evening beautification ritual

Thorough cleaning of the face and the application of appropriate day and night cream will keep the skin well hydrated, nourished and protected.

Combine body care with aromatherapy for your mind

The easiest way to do this is with fragrant shower gel, whose formula contains mostly natural ingredients. They will not only assist the rapid filling of the gaps in the skin cells, but will leave a long lasting aromatic mark on your skin, which will relax your senses and psyche.

Make an anti-stress face mask once a week

It is best to choose ready to use formula, whose valuable active ingredients (vitamins, natural extracts) will lighten the complexion immediately, will help the skin protection, will relieve discomfort and fill the cells with energy.

Take care of the scalp

The scalp is highly vulnerable to stress. Redness, itching, burning – all of them are worrying signals that require attention. So trust specialized shampoo and conditioner formulas, whose active ingredients have a calming effect on the scalp.

Treat your skin and hair with love

Avoid the regular stressful treatments such as cosmetic procedures and heat appliances, protect them from the climate conditions, use lukewarm water and only cosmetic products that are consistent with their individual characteristics or condition.

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