Summer hairstyles with accessories

Summer is here, although because of the rains it feels more like spring. Since we are in a colorful mood, nothing can stop us to enjoy our favorite season, which is also the most appropriate one for experiments with our looks .We decided to search for a little inspiration from the celebrities and their summer hairstyles with accessories.

Kerry Washington and Poppy Delevingne

Ladies who want to decorate their hairs with something simple may follow the example of actress Kerry Washington, who has simply tied a satin ribbon on her hair.

Poppy Delevingne, sister of model Cara Delevingne, is one of the most stylish British women. That’s why we were not surprised when she was spotted wearing a headband with flowers, which is a total hit this season.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's hairstyle with floral headband is so gentle, appropriate for a wedding or a summer garden party.

Elle Fanning

The young actress Elle Fanning’s bud is decorated with beautiful floral jewel. This hairstyle is suitable for more elegant looks.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is definitely a fan of the turban type of scarves. The actress, who is pregnant with her first child, together with Ryan Gosling, keeps her hair tidy, with accessories similar to the ones that can be found in different colors and patterns in our local shops.

Katy Perry and Kathy Chang


Katy Perry has covered her greenish hair with a pink straw hat. This accessory protects us from the sun, and it is also perfect for days when we do not have enough time for a special hairstyle.

Actress Katie Chang has decorated her hair with another hit of the season - beautiful hair pins.
If you wish to attract attention not only with accessories and the style of your hair, but also with its color, choose a new shade boldly.


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