TEST - How to determine your cellulite stage?

Did you know that there are four different degrees of cellulite, which specialists call the general term Nurnberger Muller scale? To determine your cellulite stage is enough just to squeeze your skin with fingers and analyze the results, depending on the characteristics of each degree.

Stage 0

The skin looks smooth and is smooth to the touch, with no signs of wrinkling even when pinched.

Stage 1

The cellulite is not visible in the rest position (sitting, standing or lying position) of the body, but the fat deposits stand out when the skin is pinched.

Stage 2

The cellulite suddenly appears when you are in an upright position but it is not visible when you lay down. You can even feel a slight sensitivity when you touch the skin in the affected areas.

Stage 3

The cellulite is visible at any time, no matter the position of your body and whether or not you pinch the skin.

Besides the degrees of cellulite it is good to know whether you have a soft or a hard cellulite, because the difference between them is significant and determines the further action in the treatment.

The soft cellulite is more clearly visible and easier to treat, since it is formed closer to the the skin surface, not to the muscles. It covers larger areas; it is softer and somewhat flexible.

The hard cellulite, also called sport cellulite, is usually seen in more athletic people or people who have been engaged for a long time in sports. The problem is that this type of cellulite is formed in depth - around or over the muscles. The good news is that it is less noticeable to the naked eye, but if you do the pinch test it may hurt.

The cellulite treatment is quite a lengthy process and it may include various cosmetics with anti-cellulite ingredients, procedures with specialized appliances, massage and even a kind of plastic surgery. It is recommended the formulas for external application with active ingredients to be used as an aid in the treatment of cellulite, because they accelerate the breakdown of the fatty deposits.


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