The most appropriate natural ingredients for each astrological sign

 Many herbalists and healers around the world were also well acquainted with the stars, which helped them to choose easily the means with which to relieve discomforts of various kinds. Believe it or not, this knowledge have become the essence of aromatherapy, which is one of the most popular methods for improving the welfare of the body nowadays. In our new section - NATURAL INGREDIENTS, you can find how the cosmetic ingredients affect health and beauty. With this article, you can learn what effect they have on the members of every zodiac sign.


Aries were born leaders. They are impatient, energetic, freedom-loving, brave and wayward people, which always follow their impulse, no matter where it will lead them. Therefore, for them are suitable products, containing rose, mint and chamomile to soothe their spirits and lavender to save them from headache and tension they often feel.



Taureans are practical, decisive, patient and stubborn connoisseurs of beauty and pleasure. If they decide something it is difficult to dissuade them. It is better to use products with extract of lemon, orange or pine to balance their mind, and cosmetics with juniper, lavender and jasmine for the welfare of the body and soul.



Twins are contradictory by nature. They are very talkative and susceptible to their own moods. Twins have virile mind and are adaptable to any situation. The scent of lavender, grapefruit, bergamot and cinnamon affects very well their health. For the internal balance of this zodiac sign are recommended products with chamomile, rose and lemon balm.



These people are the most unpredictable representatives of the zodiac. They are extremely sensitive and emotional, but also very hospitable and caring lovers of home comfort. The smell of sage and water lily has beneficial effect on them, while chamomile is an universal remedy for all their internal and external ailments.



Born royalty, they are charismatic and proud people, with cheerful spirit and highly expressive character. Products with tea tree extract are recommended for relaxing their muscles, especially on the back. Cosmetics with coconut oil, apple or vanilla stimulate the generosity and good mood of this astrological sign.



Virgos are analytical and reasonable representatives of the zodiac. They are highly sceptical, detail-oriented perfectionists. All fragrances soothing the mind - rose, lavender, citrus (especially orange and grapefruit), violet and chamomile, are suitable for them, because Virgos are prone to severe anxiety.



Libras are diplomatic, socially oriented, with a strong will, but also incredibly volatile, highly egocentric and with charming look. Lemon grass, ginger and rosemary are suitable for stimulating their creativity and new ideas, while rose, white tea and orange keep their internal harmony.



Scorpios are passionate and dynamic people, full of energy and inner strength. They can keep a secret until their last breath. Scorpios are extremely self-conscious, and often feel guilty. In this respect it is good to be surrounded by the scent of pine, lemon and lavender. Blueberry, cocoa and lotus are beneficial for them, too.



Archers are fond of adventures and fun. They are tactless and impatient, but always friendly. Archers feel good if they are surrounded by fruity aroma, especially of raspberries, watermelon and cherries. Tea tree extract is recommended for stimulating their adventurous spirit.



Capricorns are very dominant, strong, ambitious and logical people. Their desire to win helps them to overcome any problem, but makes them susceptible to stress and exhaustion. Products with lavender, lilac, green tea and cherries are ideal for them, as well as beneficial substances such as vitamin E.



Aquarians are humane and individualistic and are amazing bohemians. They love to be different and are guided by their perception of the world, based on idealistic values. Aquarians feel very well, surrounded by the scent of hyacinth, vanilla, rose, tangerine and lemon.



Pisces are the greatest dreamers of the zodiac. It seems that they are living in another dimension. They are impractical and often lazy, but with a vivid imagination and creative life. The aroma of bergamot and mint helps them feet on the ground, while products with lilac, rose and orange relax them and take care of their internal comfort.

Even if you don’t believe in the connection between natural ingredients and zodiac signs, you may think why certain aromas in everyday life make you feel better physically and mentally, and it seems that they bring new energy to you. The clearest evidences of this statement are the cosmetic formulas with natural ingredients that act as a real aromatherapy to your senses. Pay attention next time you use the shower gel with vanilla, the soap with bergamot or the cream with lavender:)

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Astrological signs and cosmetics

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