The most common errors in facial massage

Hundreds of compliments could be said about massage and none of them would be considered a hyperbole. Affordable, effective and pleasantly relaxing, massage is able to perform miracles for the face - to raise its contour, to eliminate puffiness, to tone and smooth the skin ... But all this is possible only on the condition that it is done in the right way. But where could you possibly go wrong? Let's take a look.

Най-честите грешки при масаж на лицето

Preparation - diagnostics and skin cleansing
  • Before attempting the procedure, you should find out whether the current state of your skin would permit it. It is best to postpone your intentions in the presence of visible inflamations, wounds, eczema, herpes or sunburn. It is not advisable to massage your face immediately after deep cleansing (peeling, microdermabrasion) or epilation, too. In such cases, even the lightest touch could cause discomfort and exacerbation of existing symptoms.
  • After the possible contraindications have been eliminated, you should proceed to the second preparatory, but again compulsory, step - cleaning your face. Ignoring this prelude, completely negates the effect of the massage, as the dirt clogging the pores will prevent the deployment of its potential (support for cellular respiration and nutrition; disposal of metabolic products; better absorption of nutrients from cosmetics). Furthermore, in combination with the mechanical skin irritation, pollutants may cause serious inflammations.
Techniques, pressure and pace
  • To select the most appropriate massage techniques, first you need to consider the age of your skin. If it is still fresh and young, the use of devices with lifting effect, for example, would not be useful, and can even cause swelling of the face. It is also good to know that while young skin is able to tolerate more vigorous massage, after the age of 30 it is advisable to stick to a slower pace.
  • Keep in mind that massage is not only a restorative procedure, but a relaxing one, as well, which should not cause any pain, but only pleasant sensations. It is therefore important to use moderate pressure and never start or finish the procedure with dynamic techniques, such as kneading, tapping and pinching, but only with light caress.
  • Remember that "more" does not always mean "better." Usually, about 15 minutes is enough to extract maximum benefit from the massage, but in certain cases, such as low blood pressure, it needs to be reduced to 10 minutes in order not to cause dizziness.
Direction of massage movements

It is particularly important that the massage is performed upwards and from the center outwards along the so-called massage lines (conditional lines, on which minimal stretching of the adjacent muscles is exercised).

  • The first massage line starts from the tip of the chin, runs along the edge of the mandible and ends at the earlobe.
  • The second line begins at the edges of the lips and ends again at the earlobes, just above the first line.
  • The third line starts from the base of the nose, goes under malic bone and reaches the temple.
  • The direction of the fourth massage line is from the middle of the forehead towards the temples.
  • When massaging the eye area, the movements are carried out in the direction of the nose to the end of the eyebrow (passing over the upper eyelid), then - from the end of the eyebrow to the nose, but this time along the lower eyelid.

Chaotic movements can lead to unwanted skin sagging, to deepening of existing wrinkles and even to formation of new ones.


Since the purpose of the product used in cosmetic massage is not only reducing the friction, but also nourishment of the skin, it is very important to select it carefully. An excellent choice is your general night cream, which is absorbed more slowly, due to its rich texture. You can also try a combination of the cream and a drop of olive oil , to suppress the need for repeated application of the product. The use of massage oil, lotion or oil intended for body is not recommended, because of their inconformity to the sensitivity of the skin of the face.

So now that you’ve already mastered the intricacies of the massage, do not waste any more time and give your skin a few minutes of effective care, combined with true bliss!

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