The most common mistakes in facial mask application

Because of its immediate positive effect on the skin, the facial mask, regardless of its purpose (moisturizing, cleansing, toning, lifting, etc.), is rightfully called “a magical beauty enhancer”. In order to utilize its full potential, however, we need to avoid each of the mistakes accompanying its use.

Non-compliance with the specified time

It is very important to strictly observe the time period indicated on the packaging of the mask. Shorter application of the product will not have an optimal effect, while a prolonged one could lead to dehydration of the skin.

Too frequent use

No matter how delighted we are with the results, occurring after this beautification ritual, we should not resort to a daily use, for the overuse destroys the "magic". 1 or 2 treatments per week are completely sufficient for the skin.

Non-conformity with the type of skin

As with any other cosmetic product, the face mask should also be in conformity with your skin type. Otherwise, you risk not only failing to achieve the desired effect, but to injure your face, as well.

Applying the mask on unclean skin

To allow the skin to absorb the nutrients contained in the product, it needs to be cleaned of makeup and impurities in advance. For a maximum result, it is even advisable to exfoliate dead skin cells and open the pores with a steam bath.

Applying the mask on the delicate areas of the face

With a very few exceptions, facial masks are not suitable for the extremely delicate eye contour and the lips. But to give your face a feeling of overall care, you can place on your eyelids a slice of fresh cucumber, cosmetic wipes soaked in herbal decoction or tea bags.

Spreading the mask with fingers

The mask should not be applied with fingers, since harmful bacteria could get on your face or in the container of the product. Most appropriate in this case is the use of a brush or a spatula, which must be sterilized after the procedure.

Creating unnecessary tension for the skin

During the use of firming facial masks it is not recommendable to talk or make any grimaces, as they form cracks and the skin is thus subjected to unnecessary tension.

Underestimating the dangers of home-made masks

Preparing a home-made facial mask is a great idea. Nevertheless, we must be very cautious in selecting the ingredients, otherwise our enthusiasm can turn into a real disappointment. After all, not every single fruit or vegetable that is delightful to our taste would be equally enjoyed by our sensitive skin.

Inadequate cleaning after the usage of the mask

A thorough cleaning of the face is necessary not only before applying the mask, but also after its removal, as product residues impede the uptake of oxygen through the skin and could become an unwitting cause of inflammation, as well.

Ignoring subsequent care

The application of a mask itself is neither the beginning nor the end of the beautification ritual. After its use, your skin still needs to get its daily portion of a tonic and a face cream.

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