The most common skin problems in children and infants

Children's skin is so fluffy, soft and ruddy that it predisposes only to gentle caresses and playful tweak. But at the same time it is much more delicate and vulnerable than adults’ skin and often suffers from problems that darken the carefree and comfortable life of little children. See what these problems are and what measures you should take to bring back the smile on the child's face.

Diaper rash

Although diapers are so practical, they are the most common cause of rash in the baby's bottom and groin. Red and painful rash that can keep you awake all night, appear if diaper is excessively tight, not changed in time or irritates the skin.

The solution: Clean the area with warm water, apply a special cream for diaper rash, whose formula contains zinc oxide for faster recovery, and let the skin "breathe" as long as possible. Apply the cream periodically and change the diaper more often.

Heat rash

The immature sweat glands of children work slowly and when body temperature rises they retain moisture in the skin. So, in the neck, folds, armpits and bottom appear small red pimples, which are filled with colorless liquid first, and then form crusts.

The solution: Observe the child's temperature. It is good to change his/her clothes with cotton and breathable fabrics that do not irritate the skin. If there is redness, smear it with a healing cream.

Skin dryness

It occurs in most of the babies, especially in overdue babies. A few days after birth their skin becomes dry and scaly, but rest assured - this is only on the surface. Below the skin is healthy, soft and moist.

The solution: Apply specialized hydrating formula for face and body every day. Containing rich moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, it provides long lasting hydration of delicate skin and keep it soft and smooth.

Milk crusts (cradle cap, honeycomb disease)

Excessive sebum secretion of children’ scalp in the first year often leads to the formation of yellowish, scaly, greasy and hard crusts. Other causers are disrupted bacterial environment or still unregulated hormones.

The solution: Crusts can be removed, but this must be done very carefully. An effective way to remove them is to apply baby oil on the scalp of the baby with a cotton swab. Allow oil to soften the scabs for half an hour and carefully comb the hair. Crusts will separate easily from the scalp, and will remain on the comb. Then wash baby's hair with a gentle shampoo.

Baby acne

Exactly! Besides teenagers, babies also suffer from acne. The good news is that in children it passes by itself for a few days.
What is the solution? Wait for it to go away naturally. It is not advisable to apply any products to not choke the skin.

Atopic dermatitis

A common skin disease in children, manifested in skin reaction to irritants from the environment and in the most of the cases - inherited. Classical manifestations are red, rough skin areas on the cheeks, in the folds of the elbows and knees. It is accompanied by intense itching and can lead to secondary skin damage.

The solution: It is very important to recover the hydro-lipid balance of the skin and soothe itching. Use medical cosmetics to alleviate the condition and restore skin comfort.

It turns out that every skin problem in children has its cosmetic solution. Even if you think that the kit of your offspring is more complete and heavier than yours, try to provide everything that your child’s skin needs. Very often the secret of your child’s smile and your peace lies in the 24-hour comfort that only specialized formulas can provide.

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