The most important purchases when expecting a baby

Whether it begins immediately after learning the good news or at a later stage of the pregnancy, the shopping for you first-born child is always accompanied by great excitement. And because hesitations what to buy are often also great, we created this list to help all future moms.


Keep in mind that babies:

  • have sensitive skin, so it is important that the clothes are made of natural, "breathable" fabrics.
  • grow extremely fast and it is therefore more practical to go for clothes with a larger size.
  • will not assist you while you dress them, so it is better if the clothes have convenient fastenings.
  • There are many varieties, including eco diapers, disposable or reusable ones.
  • Do not stock with diapers of the smallest size, because you will not use them long. The baby will grow very quickly.
Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Rash cream

Prevents inflammation of the skin in the area under the diapers, caused by excessive moisture and the contact with uric acid. Helps the healing of an already appeared inflammation.

  • Washing products for hair and body

The skin of newborns is extremely delicate, so it is important to choose products with equally delicate cleansing ingredients. There is no need to use a shampoo, as there are practical products for both hair and body.

  • Massage oil

The skin of a newborn is dry and needs nourishment after every bath. Babies need the caresses they receive during massage. It gives them a sense of security and affection. The massage oil nourishes the skin and protects it from drying.

  • Wet wipes

Extremely comfortable for outside the house, as well as for the regular diaper change.

  • Scissors with rounded tips

Due to weak coordination, newborns often claw their faces with their fingernails. The special scissors precludes the risk of involuntary pricking.

  • Cotton buds limiters

Suitable for cleaning the ears (but not the ear canal) and the nose of the baby.

For the bathroom
  • Towel
  • Baby bathtub
  • Thermometer for tubs, to control the temperature of the water.
For the nursery
  • A cot and a mattress

As the little one will spend most of the day inside the cot, it is important that it is not only comfortable, but also made of safe materials. It is not a bad idea to also get a mattress protector that will save you the washing of the whole mattress if the diaper leaks or the baby vomits.

  • Blankets and bed linen - 100% cotton, of course.
  • Room thermometer

Your new-born baby is particularly sensitive to heat and cold, so you need to keep the room temperature at 21-23 degrees.

  • Baby monitor

With the help of this device, which is extremely useful for large housing units, you will be able to hear the noisier emotions of your little treasure, even if you are not near, much immersed in housework.

For feeding
  •  Bottles

You would need them if you plan to give your child water (according to the World Health Organization exclusively breastfed babies do not need any water) or to return to work soon after the birth and you have to feed your offspring with formulas.

  • Sterilizer

Sterilization devices, tablets and liquids considerably facilitate the cleaning of the bottles, although many mothers continue to use the old method - boiling in a pot of water.

For travels and walks
  • Car seat

Ensures the safety of the baby when traveling with the family car.

  • Perambulator / sling / kangaroo / ergonomic backpack

You should consider purchasing at least one of these, to enjoy longer walks outdoors with you little one.

Medicine chest
  • 70% ethyl alcohol and antibacterial powder

For cleaning the remainder of the umbilical cord.

  • Thermometer
  • Saline and nasal aspirator

For cleaning the nasal secretions.

  • Detergent

In view of the sensitivity of the baby's skin, it is desirable to use a special detergent without harmful ingredients and strong fragrance. Actually, in the beginning just hand washing with baby soap is enough.

  • Changing mat

Provides a stable, waterproof and pleasantly soft base for diaper changes.

For yourself
  • Nipple cream

Relieves discomfort during lactation caused by excessive sensitivity of the nipples. Prevents the formation of cracks and restores the integrity of the skin if some have already occurred.

  • Stretch mark cream

Maintains skin’s elasticity during the postpartum period, which is usually stressful and turbulent, and also accompanied by drastic weight changes.

  • Breast pump

Extremely useful for relieving strained breasts in the first days after birth, for stimulating the lactogenesis and for securing milk when you are unable to feed your child yourself.

  • Nursing bra
  • Sanitary pad
  • Intimate foam

Supports the rapid restoration of the microflora balance and the mucosal cells, while also greatly reduces the risk of infections.

  • Nursing pads

Absorb inadvertently leaking milk, preventing clothes from getting wet.

Although providing more comfort, much of the recommended purchases are by no means obligatory. The only thing your baby really needs is your unconditional and selfless love!

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