The recipe for female beauty with Camellia Voche

Natural, serene and very sincere, Camellia Voche shared with us some thoughts about women, beauty and the precious moments in life.

1. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is to feel good in your skin ... to be aware of yourself! There is no need to be naturally beautiful, to give away beauty around you!

2. Do women become more beautiful with age?

At 20, a woman is beautiful, because of her youth, her innocence ... with age, she becomes more beautiful, as she already knows what to do with her beauty, how to enrich it, how much of it to show and how much to leave for herself!!!

3. What do you think makes a woman beautiful and desirable even at 50?

I have never believed that at 50, a woman can be desirable, loved, adored. I think that any age must be lived properly and with pleasure.

4. Does beauty help a woman to succeed professionally or is it the opposite?

It seems to me, that nowadays beauty is harmful, because we used to look at the beautiful women with distrust. It comes from the time when women were uneducated and unprepared. Now, a successful businesswoman, who is also beautiful, is taken with distrust, at first sight. She must prove herself.

5. Did you understand what men really like?

Men like what we like. It is an exception when our searches do not match.

6. Which is the most beautiful moment in your life?

They are many….The moments when my children were growing up - their first steps, the first words, their first love, as well as some of my unforgettable stage performances.

7. What is the recipe for your radiant appearance?

I think I have no recipe, because I do not eat properly. I mean, I eat a lot of fried foods, bakery products and sweet. Sport is something magnificent.

8. Who is the most important daily ritual of beauty that you never miss?

To have a beautiful face with smooth and radiant skin, you must clean it well.

9. Why did you decide to be an advertising face of Aroma?

For many years, maybe from early childhood, I know that the ingredients of the Bulgarian cosmetics are natural and have very interesting origin. On the other hand, aminopeptidase and argan oil really are elixirs for every skin.

10. What is the most beautiful thing you would wish to yourself?

I wish to be healthy and keep the energy I have, forever.

11. What is your secret mission in life?

I have no secret mission. I do everything openly and with love.

12. Who you would love to be your roommate in life and why?

I have such an ideal, but I will keep it in my heart!!!

13. What is your little beauty recipe?

A face mask with strained yoghurt and oat flakes.

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