Top beauty tips for the holidays

We, women love to find a reason for shopping and beauty. The upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to give ourselves new clothes or pamper ourselves with a cosmetic procedure. Which woman does not want to look great? The days around Christmas and New Year are a real challenge for our figure, hair and skin. See our top beauty tips for the holidays and trust them, to feel beautiful and glamorous. 

Refresh your face for the holiday evening

Make a peeling several days earlier, to remove dead cells and clean your pores. Apply suitable product with active ingredients (clay, aloe vera), which will stimulate blood circulation and will penetrate in depth. Use light circular motions to spread the product. Focus on the nose and chin, as there most often have clogging. Remember to moisturize your face later with cream suitable for your skin type. 

Protect your skin from the effect of the alcohol

The taste of your favorite drink may be pleasant, but it definitely doesn’t affect well the skin. Each subsequent sip disturbs the hydro-balance in the cells and causes dryness, loss of brilliance and tone. In this case, moisturizing day and night cream won’t be enough. It is better to complete your skin care with a cleansing product (if you have problematic skin use a specialized formula) and an anti-stress mask containing ingredients with acidic properties that shrink pores, moisturize and give vitality.

Take care of your tired eyes

A sleepless night can make even the most vivid eyes look tired. There will be many such nights during the holidays. The solution is simple. First place ice cubes or tea bags on your eyes to relieve puffiness and dark circles. Then make gentle massage with an eye care product (best containing powerful active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen or omega-3) starting from the inner corner of the eye on the upper eyelid to the outer corner and then under the eye of its outer end to the nose.

Refresh your body and smooth the cellulite

The use of anti-cellulite scrub every two days will sculpt your figure and smooth your skin making you feel sexy. Moreover, the formula stimulates blood circulation and breaks fatty deposits; it brightens the complexion and helps the absorption of the moisturizing lotion applied afterwards. The application technique is very important, too. Pinch a part of your skin with the fingers of the one hand and rub an anti-cellulite product with the other hand. Thus, the active ingredients will fall on the deposits and will break them more easily and quickly along with the toxins.

Nourish your hair to make it shiny mane

The winter climate dries the hair, but holiday stress makes things even worse. Make sure you have complied shampoo and conditioner with the characteristics of your hair and scalp. It's recommended to choose plant extracts and soft, but effective action, and under specific conditions - specialized formulas with active ingredients. Leave the conditioner longer than usual for shine and vitality. Apply it from root to tip and wrap your hair in a warm towel to allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair follicles. 

Make up your face "cleverly" 

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, your makeup should also be glamorous. But the key is in the way you will apply it. First put the eye shadows to avoid their spilling over the precisely applied foundation, and then all other products. Choose a lipstick or a gloss with vivid color and more shine, as you apply previously a little powder or balm for more durability. Try the color combinations and new products before the holiday evening to know what to expect.

In conclusion we will only remind you that beauty is a lifestyle. Therefore, whatever plans you have for the upcoming holidays, the best gift that you can make to yourself is to ensure optimal care of yourself so that you can shine with vitality and freshness no matter how many sleepless nights are waiting for you. Happy holidays!

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