Tricks for easy hair styling

Freshly showered and slightly damp hair is much softer and more susceptible to shaping. Therefore, before you start shaping your hair, you should comb it gently and wash it with a suitable shampoo for its specific needs. Do not forget to use the conditioner, which will add extra shine and smoothness to the hair. Thanks to its ingredients, the balm will make the styling even easier.

Трикове за лесно оформяне на прическата

Easy and gentle curls

Once you dry your head with a towel, you are ready for the main part of the procedure. Split your hair to 3-4 parts, and each of them to several clusters. Roll each separate cluster on a curler with maximum grit, which you’ve covered in advance with a thin layer of styling foam. Allow your hair to dry naturally and remove the curlers. Finally, apply a small amount of hair spray to fixate the result.

Smooth and tidy hair

Pillow with a silk pillowcase is a clever way that saves you the daily taming of electrified hair. And you'll get those few extra minutes of sleep, which you crave each morning.

If your favorite clothes make your hair "dancing" during the day, just spray your comb with hairspray before combing, which removes the static electricity.

Instant volume

Wash your hair and absorb the water well with a cotton towel (some experts recommend using a microfiber cloth for faster absorption of moisture). Tilt your head down and start running fingers at the base of your hair. Gently stretch clusters, meanwhile directing the cool airflow from the hairdryer in the same direction. Finally, cover your hair with a thin veil of fixative spray and straighten your head, enjoying a unique volume at the roots throughout the day.

Quick curls without curling iron

Make sure your hair is carefully combed and moisten it a little bit, and if your hair is difficult to perm, you can add some styling foam. Then take a strand (the thicker it is, the bigger the curl will be) and begin to twist it. Roll the well twisted cluster like a “snail", starting from the root of the hair. Secure the “snail” with a rubber band and proceed to the next lock. Untangle your hair a few hours later and if it is necessary shape it additionally with foam. Spray the beautiful spiral curls with fixative hairspray to increase their durability.

Refined hair-style for just 5 minutes

With a little creativeness and a few accessories, you can always transform the ordinary tail into an elegant hairstyle. To achieve that, tie your hair in the middle of the back of your neck and comb it to be as sleek as possible. If here and there protruding hairs remain, press them with a cotton swab sprayed with fixative hairspray.

Separate a cluster from the tail and wrap it around the elastic band, with which you have tied it, to hide it. Pinch the end of the cluster with a small hairpin beneath the tail. Then apply a styling product on the tail and shape it in a braid. Once you untangle the tail after half an hour, irresistible wavy curls will appear in its place. In case you are preparing for a formal event, add few glamorous hairpins to complete the stylish look.


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