What to do when hair entangles

Undoubtedly, unruly hair gives a certain amount of glamour to its owner, hinting for a no less rebellious spirit. But when it becomes completely unmanageable, it reveals only the mistakes that have been made in relation to the care for it. If you cannot cope with the chaos of tangled bunches of hair you probably:

Какво да правим при заплитаща се коса?

 Wash your hair with very hot water

Try to overcome your weakness for hot showers, since they do not have a positive effect on the skin and on the hair. Precisely on the contrary, hair exhausts and dries excessively from high temperatures. The best suited for hair-wash is lukewarm water, while the final rinse is desirable to be with cold water, so the cuticles can close tightly and the top layer of the hair to remain smooth.

Gather your hair in a heap when you soap it

Maybe you think this is the only way you can wash your hair "properly", but have you ever tried otherwise? If you apply a small dose of shampoo in the scalp, and then another one along the hair, an equal amount of foam will be generated to remove any impurities. The only difference will be that your hair will not look like an abandoned nest after the bath. 

Neglect the conditioner and the hair mask

Hair care starts with choosing an appropriate shampoo, but surely does not end with it. Do not underestimate the role of a balm and a mask that meet the needs of your hair of additional quantities of nutrients and moisture, thereby protecting it from drying out and from split ends, which leads to entanglement.

Wrap a towel around your head after bathing

This is certainly the favorite way of hair-drying, but not the most harmless when you try not to cause further entanglement. The best would be to absorb the water, pressing gently without rubbing the towel to the hair. Start with the edges to catch drops dripping to the floor and then run the towel several times along the entire length of the hair.

Sleep with your hair down

If your long hair is prone to tangling anyway, it is better not to enforce the mess during the night. Comb your hair immediately before going to bed and gather it in a loose bun high on the head, so it doesn’t bother you or tear while you sleep. In the morning, when you free your hair it will be extremely tidy and may even surprise you with big beautiful curls.

Do not trim the ends of your hair regularly

Most women are strongly attached to their hair and it is hard to part with even a centimeter of it. But this one centimeter is a necessary "sacrifice" for the good of the rest of the hair. Over time, the tips of the hairs split and weave, and grooming becomes a real torture, which often uproots hairs from the roots. It is therefore highly recommended to trim your hair very little, but regularly.

You do not like brushing

If brushing your hair is accompanied by painful sensations it is entirely clear why you avoid it. But it is something you should not underestimate if you want to protect your hair from tangling. It is best to use a comb instead of a brush, and preferably a wooden one, so the hair doesn’t get electrified. And assuming that you put enough effort to avoid the habits listed above, combing will surely become an enjoyable routine.


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