What type are you according to ... the Autumn kaleidoscope

 Autumn is at its height, full of gorgeous colors. They are everywhere - in the blazing trees, in the whispering foliage, in the heavy aromatic bunches of grapes ... Your soul itself has been colored, as well, and without realizing it, you’ve passed its nuances on to your hair. Are you curious to find out how this spontaneous choice defines your character?

Какъв тип сте според есеения калейдоскоп

Passionate rebel

Fiery hair and an equally ardent soul characterize your complex nature. Your provocative appearance attracts men, but your unbridled sensuality mercilessly burns many of them out. The ease you change your hairstyle with and the bold shades you choose are personification of your unpredictability and your rebellious spirit. You rarely compromise and honor the rights of others. Rather, you always follow your own creed, which reads: Be different and always yourself.

Charming fairy

Autumn with colors of hazel or chestnut in your hair turns you into a true forest ghost. You look fascinating, being genuinely beautiful, and very few can resist you. You do not suffer from excessive vanity, but you have a high opinion of yourself that others share wholeheartedly. Because you try to stay away from ostentation, you maintain a completely natural silhouette. You like woody shades, as well as the brilliance of the sun and the precious metals. And behind your natural vision, deep compelling spirituality stands out.

Playful housewife

You adore home coziness and tranquility. A gracious smile always shines on your face, while your entire being radiates understanding and dedication. You often show your affection towards your loved ones, overindulging them with your home-made culinary delights. You are a sweet temptation yourself, with hair reminding of aromatic cinnamon, hot cappuccino or delicious caramel. You are as natural as possible, but that does not mean that you are boring. Just on the contrary, you are playful and with great sense of humor! You know how to arouse the emotions of your partner and to keep his feelings warm during the cool autumn days, thanks to your perky temperament and hair in the color of gold mocha.

Romantic dreamer

Sometimes, your hair resembles a sparkling young wine, while other times – a sweet liqueur, wrapped in chocolate. You are a creature of a different world – the world of dreams and idealistic expectations. Quiet and mysterious, you often provoke the curiosity of the opposite sex. You provoke, but also disappoint, because your heart is reserved for one man only – the one you will recognize as the knight of your dreams. The romantic enchantment that fills up your life strongly affects your appearance and style.

Delicate diva

You love being an object of attention and care, that’s why you rely on a vision that radiates tenderness and vulnerability. And can you really look gentle and sweet if your hair does not have warm blonde color? Underneath your apparent defenselessness, however, a very strong and domineering woman is hiding. You perfectly know exactly what you want and do not hesitate to use any little tricks to get it. You use kind words very skillfully, and when you have to prove your "weakness" inconsolable tears come into use.

Did you find yourself in the article? If you are still searching for your true nature dressed in color - do it here.

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