Why does hair loss occur in the spring?

With the onset of spring, not only nature is waking up for new life but also the human body. The life cycle of the cells changes and this leads to their more intensive renewal. As a result, the skin begins to peel and increased hair loss occurs. But you should not worry about the latter phenomenon because it is completely normal for all mammals.

 Spring hair loss is a natural part of the development of the hair follicles and usually disappears within 6 weeks.

The follicle of each hair goes through three phases in its life cycle - anagen (period of growth), catagen (transitional phase) and telogen (resting phase). In the last, the hair tears and the follicle remains in resting period for several months (between 2 and 12), then it "wakes up" and the cycle begins again.

Hair loss and climate conditions

According to some scientists, the main causes of the hair loss in the spring are the climatic conditions, which affect the hormonal balance in the body and thereby the phases of hair growth. Under the influence of the elevated temperatures and the sun, the levels of prolactin and melatonin in the body change and this in turn, increases the number of the follicles in resting phase.

Hair loss and clogged pores of the scalp

Another reason for the increased hair loss during the spring may be the clogged pores of the scalp, caused by the perspiration under the influence of the increased temperatures outside. This prevents the natural hair growth, the access of moisture and nutrients to the root is blocked, and the hair detaches.

Damaged hair and hair loss

The exhaustion of the hair due to dry and cold air, lack of sun and long wearing of hat, can also contribute to hair loss during the spring. It is quite possible to appear a deficiency of vitamin D and other nutrients in the scalp, because of these factors.

Sun and hair loss

The excessive exposure to the sun or the rain can also contribute to hair loss in the spring, especially if your hair is exhausted, thin or damaged. On the one hand, the UV rays adversely affect the surface of the scalp and even penetrate deeply, damaging the DNA of the cells. On the other hand, the raindrops transfer dirt from the air to the hair and "wash" the nutrients important for its health.

How to deal with it?

Before all, it is good to remember that the change of the seasons is stressful for the body by itself and this inevitably affects the appearance. Therefore it is particularly important to take preventive measures against hair loss. The easiest way to do this is to include a specialized range of products (a shampoo and a conditioner) in the care for your hair and scalp.

It is highly recommended their formulas to contain stimulating and strengthening ingredients (quinine extract, collagen, taurine and caffeine) that reinforce the collagen bonds in the root, strengthen the hair fibers, meanwhile improving the blood circulation - the necessary conditions for healthy hair.

One of the advantages of the seasonal hair loss is that it spreads uniformly over the entire head, not locally. Furthermore, in order to be noticeable, you need to lose at least 15 % of your hair. So, don’t worry unnecessary. Exhale the stress, get the right care products and enjoy the spring.

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