Why does hair turn gray?

For many people, graying of the hair is associated with discomfort and low self-esteem, especially when it happens at an early age. When the first white hairs appear, the question - to leave or hide them, arises. It is a challenge for the modern man, and very often, even a struggle with the prejudices of those, who criticize them, that they have become more vain than women.

In the 21st century, fewer men are afraid to take care of their appearance and unhesitatingly take advantage of cosmetics and beauty tricks. It is a widely accepted fact that the better a man looks, the greater the female interest towards him, is.

Защо побелява косата?
Hair color

The hair color of each person is determined by the natural pigment, known as melanin. It is produced by two amino acids - tyrosine and phenylalanine, which form a special group of cells, known as melanocytes, which are involved in the melanogenesis process.

Melanocytes, responsible for hair color, are located in the bulbs of the hair follicles. They are divided into two main groups: pheomelanin and eumelanin. Pheomelanin creates black and dark brown shades, while eumelanin takes care of shades from reddish to golden blond. Their proportion in the cells determines the hair color of every person, but with age the body stops producing them. Deficiency of melanin changes the structure of the hair and the hair turns gray.

Causes for graying of hair

The reasons for the appearance of grey hair are different, but they can be divided into two main groups - internal and external.

  • The internal causes are associated with the genetic continuity parent-child; disabilities, related to the functioning of certain organs; diets or taking medications due to serious illness.
  • The external factors are related to severe stress, toxic environments, smoking and alcohol abuse.

There is an easy and fast way to solve the problem - the permanent hair dye, which not only colors the hair in the desired shade, but also gives density and shine. Women rely on hair color for decades, but nowadays, men can feel younger, too, because there are hair dyes for men, already.

For the needs of modern man "Aroma" created the permanent dye for men ''Men GreyFix'', which offers natural and deep shades for excellent coverage of gray hair, beard or mustache. The dye contains an extract of walnut shells, wheat proteins and silk extract that nourish the hair follicle and keep hair healthy and shiny.

Innovative and easy to spread in the form of foam, the ''GreyFix for men'' hair dye is easy to apply at home. Hair recovers its youthful color effortlessly in just 7 minutes!

GreyFix for men - four natural colors that give you an irresistible look and charm


 brown                           light brown                    dark brown                           black


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