Why is it so important to clean the face before going to bed?

Cleaning the face before bedtime is essential for the health and good appearance of the skin as the main cell regeneration happens during the night. Besides the skin cells act more intensively at night, they better absorb moisture and nutrients from cosmetic products. To run smoothly this process, requires perfectly cleaned and toned skin. See why more it is so important for us to keep the routine care of the face before bedtime.

Почистване на лицето вечер преди лягане
We remove the toxins.

During the day the face collects a huge amount of dirt, dust and grease. If we add makeup, as well, a solid film, choking the skin, forms. It clogs the pores, increasing their size and if it stands too long, it can cause inflammation (acne, rashes, roughness).

We avoid the skin dehydration.

During sleep, the skin loses a large amount of moisture. Therefore, the application of moisturizing night care on washed and cleaned face is particularly important ritual before bedtime. Omitting one of the two steps can distort the speed of the cell regeneration at night.

We protect the eyes.

If we do not clean the makeup from our eyes, it is likely to feel irritation and rub them unconsciously during the night. As a result, we will not only smear the make up everywhere, but we can also cause irritation if it falls into the eyes. In addition, the mascara can exhaust our eyelashes and make them brittle.

We keep the youthful appearance for a long time.

The residues from makeup and dirt impede the natural cell renewal, which affects the external and internal condition of the skin. This way, the systemic negligence in the care leads to premature aging (fine lines, wrinkles, loss of gloss) of the face.

We face with less skin problems.

Sweat, dirt and bacteria accumulate on the skin, clog the pores and infect them. Cleaning the face before bedtime, however, eliminates the harmful microorganisms, regulates the oiliness and disinfects the skin, thereby reducing the risk of more serious conditions.

We keep the skin healthy and supple.

The regular cleaning of the face will preserve the natural protective barrier of the epidermis, will limit the appearance of wrinkles and will increase the amount of moisture in the pores, which we can seal with an extra dose of moisturizing product.

Here is the place to remind you that the facial cleansing before going to bed should go hand in hand with the application of specialized cosmetic product, consistent with the individual needs of your skin. Since dust, dirt and bacteria continue to collect at night, you must repeat the procedure in the morning, but this time, applying appropriate daily face care. Thus, spending only a few minutes a day you will enjoy a young and healthy skin for longer.


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