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How to apply hair conditioner and hair mask properly?

 Hair conditioner and hair mask are recommended as complementary care for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, many women fail to use these products or do not know how to apply them properly. And believe us, the second one really matters! So, listen to our advice and convince yourself of the difference.

The hair conditioner is a necessary second step in the washing ritual as it softens, nourishes and protects hair, helps lock moisture in it, and make it easy to comb, as well. On the other hand, it is enough to use a hair mask 1-2 times weekly. It provides a solid dose revitalizing and nourishing components for an immediate recovery of the hair.

It is very important to select conditioners and masks according to the specifics of your hair- curly, prone to tangling, dyed, dry, oily, damaged or with sensitive scalp. There is a solution for every problem in the form of specialized formulas with active ingredients that take care of hair from root to tip and in depth.

Hair Conditioner

It is recommended to rub in the shampoo massaging your hair and scalp. This will later facilitate a better penetration of the active ingredients of the conditioner. Rinse your hair with cool water, which closes the follicles and prevents damages. When the hair starts to “squeak” under your fingers, it is ready for the second step - the application of a conditioner. You must squeeze your hair very carefully to remove water - otherwise the conditioner will not remain on the hair.

Pour some of the conditioner in your palm. The amount depends on the length of your hair. If it is long, you can fill the hollow of your hand with conditioner. Apply the product on each strand, mainly on the ends of your hair, which are the most damaged part of it. Do not apply conditioner to the hair roots. Otherwise, you can clog the follicles, which can slow the hair growth or enhance sebum production.

Leave the conditioner as long as possible on your hair to act effectively. You can use the time for other procedures. Rinse your hair again with lukewarm water until it becomes smooth and the "slippery" effect disappear.

Hair Mask

It is applied on washed, but towel-dried hair so that it can remain on the hair and it can be absorbed through moisture.

If you have thin or oily hair, apply the mask along the entire length of your hair, avoiding only the roots. For more dense, dry and damaged hair you can apply it on the whole head. The formula will spread more evenly if you massage your hair from root to tip first and then carefully “comb” it with fingers.

Experts recommend wrapping your hair in a warm towel for about 10 minutes for maximum efficiency of the hair mask. Thus, the components will come into direct contact with the hair, which will facilitate their absorption. If you want to perform the ritual as accurately as possible, you can blow through the towel with a hair dryer for a few minutes.

If your hair is in very bad condition, better leave the mask for another 10 minutes after you remove the towel. Massage your scalp under a stream of warm water before the final rinse to reactivate the formula.

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