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How to avoid disappointment when dyeing your hair?


Although hair dyeing is one of our favorite beauty treatments, it can easily turn into huge disappointment, especially if we do it ourselves at home. There are many things to consider and it is not enough just to read the instructions on the package several times. If we don’t pay attention to them, the result can be a "complete change", but with a negative effect.

The main and most important condition is choosing the correct shade. If you are dyeing your own hair, better limit yourself to one - two shades of your natural color. It is advisable to trust the skills of a professional in more radical change.

• It is important to comply with your natural characteristics such as skin color, eye color, eyebrow color and of course – your natural hair color, when choosing a particular nuance. The more radical the change is, the greater the chance the result to miss with your expectations is.

• It is good to know which tones "prefers" your hair. In case of incorrectly selected dye, blond hair may acquire a yellowish hue and auburn hair – an orange-red hue.

• The right approach would be to start with a test. Dye only one strand of your hair and wait 24 hours to see the final result. Thus you'll know whether the chosen shade is suitable for you or not.

• Recommended are hair dyes, containing natural oils. Besides they nourish and protect hair during the procedure, they support the absorption of the color and provide long-lasting shine. Macadamia oil is an ideal ingredient in this respect.

It is especially important not to apply the dye on freshly washed with shampoo hair. Leave at least 24 hours between the two procedures to allow the secretion of natural fats that will protect the scalp and will help to avoid irritation when coloring your hair.

• You must comb your hair well before applying the dye, in order to spread the sebum along its length as a lubricant and remove any tangled ends. To avoid staining your skin by the hair dye pigments, you can grease the hairline with vaseline.

• When coloring your hair regularly, always apply the dye, trying to cover mainly the roots and the top half of your hair. This will avoid the "ombre" effect, which could be obtained by saturation of the color in the new growth area.

When dyeing your hair for the first time with a new color, apply the dye along the entire length of your hair starting from the roots. Comb your hair for even distribution of the color. It is extremely important to apply the dye evenly and on every strand of your hair if the selected color differs too much from your natural one. And because it is difficult to see well your hair behind or its lower layers.In this case it is advisable to ask a friend or a member of your family for help.

• It is not a good idea to dye your eyebrows because the structure and the length of their hair differ from these on the head, and the result is disappointing most of the times. It would be better to select a shade of dye, similar to that of your eyebrows.

• It is important to keep the time indicated on the package accurately. If you wash your hair earlier, you may receive a different shade or you may not get full coverage of gray hair. If you leave the dye longer it can damage your hair or scalp.

Experts recommend using cool water when washing the dye - it will help closing the hair along with the pigments. It would be especially beneficial for the color if we form lather with some water. It will spread the dye more evenly and will assist rinsing.

The hair dye should not be washed with shampoo in any case, but with water only. You can apply a conditioner or a mask designed specifically for dyed hair, which will seal the color in the hair optimally.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but follow the advice and the recommendations of the experts!



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