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How to choose a shampoo according to the hair type?

Often faced with the variety of attractive packages, scents and commercials of hair shampoos, it is difficult for us to choose the right product. Actually, the choice would be very easy if we just focus on our hair type - normal, oily, dry or combination.

Как да изберем шампоан споре типа на косата?
Shampoo for dry hair

The main function of the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles is to lubricate the hair and protect it from moisture. A number of reasons related to our habits, health and the climatic conditions we live in, can reduce the sebum production or to deprive our hair of it. As a result, the hair becomes dry and hard, loses its shine and becomes susceptible to breakage, tangling and split ends.

The appropriate shampoo for dry hair contains moisturizing ingredients, usually natural oils, which imitate the natural fat of the hair, helping it to regain its balance.

Shampoo for oily hair

As you probably guess, here we are talking about hyper secretion of the sebaceous glands. Hair looks dirty and loses its volume, under the weight of the excess sebum. The factors that stimulate the sebaceous glands are numerous again, and we are one of them, as strange as it sounds, in our quest to remove the unnecessary fat by more frequent washing.

Choosing a shampoo suitable for oily hair, we can safely reduce the washes to 1-2 per week. Through the appropriate cleaning ingredients in the composition of the product, the hair will have just as much sebum as it needs - neither more, nor less.

Shampoo for combination hair

It is possible the hair to hesitate between two extremes, differing significantly in degree of oiliness in its roots and ends. The cosmetic industry has provided a practical solution for this caprice of our hair, too - the shampoos, whose labels say "for combination hair."

Shampoo for normal hair

If your hair requires exactly this shampoo, it means that you are lucky guy. Enjoy the perfect balance, which your hair has managed to achieve and maintain it with appropriate cleansing formula.

In addition to the type of the hair, our choice of suitable cosmetics must be consistent with the specific problems of the hair and scalp.

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