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How to choose a shampoo according to the needs of the hair?

The variety of cosmetic products on the store shelf often makes us feel confused. Especially strong is this feeling when it comes to choosing a shampoo. The formulas are very different. It is always better to trust proven brands and manufacturers, but it is also important to know the specifics of your hair and scalp to choose the most appropriate product.

Как да изберем шампоан според нуждите на косата?
Anti-dandruff shampoo

Unfortunately, the "snowfall" in the hair is a common phenomenon that is far from being limited within the winter season. Perhaps, after you know what dandruff actually is - hundreds of thousands of dead skin cells, you will want to get rid of it even more. Cell regeneration is a completely natural process, but when it becomes too obvious, as in this case, it indicates a problem. The solution is the use of specialized cleansing product to remove the unaesthetic part of the problem and its root, which in most cases is sensitive or dry scalp.

Shampoo for damaged hair

Surely we do not want to use exactly this product, because we will have to admit that we were too heedless to our hair. The systemic subjecting to heat styling, exhausting diets, aggressive cosmetics are only some of the sins that we have to our hair. The sooner we start to wash it with highly nourishing and restructuring shampoo and discontinue the bad practices, the faster we will reduce their consequences – breakage, split ends, lack of vitality and shine.

Shampoo against hair loss

If our hair starts to “leave” us headlong, this is a sure sign that we were not good owners of it. It is necessary to immediately reconsider our attitude towards it, before its effect become irreversible. In case that the unusual hair loss is not a symptom of another disease of our body, the use of reinforcing shampoo, directly affecting the hair follicles could activate the growth of new hair and restore the normal balance between growing and falling hair.

Shampoo for colored hair

You want to keep the lovely new color of your hair as long as possible, right? Therefore it is necessary to replace your usual shampoo with product adapted to the change. The combination of soft cleansing agents and nourishing ingredients will maintain the intensity and durability of the color, while recovering the hair after the beauty procedure that disrupted its natural environment.

Shampoo for children

It is wonderful that you have a youthful spirit, but there is no need to use cosmetics intended for children. Usually it is unable to effectively wash away residues of styling products, and is powerless to restore hair from more serious damage. Perhaps the reason to choose children's shampoo is your sensitive skin. But you obviously do not know that there are delicate formulas for adults, too.

Shampoo for sensitive scalp

This product should include mild cleansing ingredients. Its regular use helps to reduce the discomfort accompanying ultra delicate skin - redness, burning, itching, and prevents the occurrence of complications such as dandruff. Is your scalp sensitive? No? Then sigh with relief and proceed further.

Shampoo for frequent use

The frequent hair washing is not advisable. But how can we avoid it if we work in a contaminated environment or our physical activity makes us sweat more? The shampoos designed for everyday use distinguish with extremely delicate components, restoring the purity and freshness of the hair without robbing its natural fat.

It is good to remember that it is very important and actually a general rule to comply the shampoo with the type of your hair.

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