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How to choose body cosmetics?

The characteristics of the skin are the main criterion when choosing a cosmetic product. But as self-diagnosis is not always an easy task, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of the different skin types and with some of the most common dermatological problems.

Skin types

Most manufacturers specify on the packaging the skin type their product is intended for, but in other cases it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients and the texture to determine whether the product is suitable for you.

  • Dry skin is characterized by a rough surface, decreased elasticity, yellowish nuance and a feeling of tightness. In more severe degrees of dryness scaling, itching and cracking are present.

- Avoid cosmetics containing alcohol, because it dries the skin further.

- Choose moisturizing products with a dense texture (butter, cream) that create an effective barrier against moisture loss.

- Opt for water-based shower gels or soap, enriched with nourishing ingredients.

  • Oily skin looks shiny, its pores are enlarged and in certain areas, such as the back and the chest, often pimples appear. Because of its thickness, the blood vessels are not visible.

- Resort to nourishing products with lower viscosity (milk, lotion), which will not lead to clogging of the pores and extra oiliness.

  • Normal skin is neither too dry nor too oily and is characterized by radiant complexion, soft texture, none or minor imperfections and barely visible pores.

Normal skin tolerated a wide range of cosmetic products, but still, the most recommended ones are those that care about the preservation of its natural hydro-lipid balance.

Skin problems
  • For the sensitive skin condition inherent are symptoms such as intense itching, dryness, redness, rashes, burning.

- As often the cause of the condition is an incorrectly selected skin care product, it is important to avoid those containing aggressive substances (shiny particles, preservatives such as parabens, alcohol, fragrances, etc.).

- If the sensitivity is triggered by a specific dermatosis, such as atopic dermatitis, it is advisable to resort to specialized cosmetics rich in emollient and soothing ingredients.

  • Cellulite is accompanied by symptoms such as numbness and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling and occurrence of micronodules giving the skin a specific appearance of an orange peel. In more severe cases the skin is cold, visibly sagged and painful to the touch.

- Opt for anti-cellulite cosmetics that attack the cause of the problem. You will recognize them by the presence of active substances with draining, lipolytic and accelerating the local circulation effects.

  • Stretch marks are skin lesions with reddish or violet color with length of up to several centimeters. They appear most often on the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks and the chest after sudden changes in growth (during puberty) or in weight.

- Rely on products that have hydrating effect, while also stimulating the regeneration of damaged areas.


Pregnancy is also a determining factor in the selection of cosmetics, as hormonal changes during this period and immediately after birth, also affect the condition of the skin.

- Choose specialized series for pregnant women and mothers, which are adapted to the new needs of your skin and are also safe for your baby.

- Among conventional products, select those that are odorless, as it is possible that you start having intolerance to certain smells. Stick to unflavoured products while breastfeeding, as well - the natural smell of your body will stimulate the suckling instinct of your baby.

Advanced age

With age the natural processes that support skin elasticity slow down, which requires the use of specific cosmetics.

- Exfoliants are appropriate, as well as products with a rich texture that moisturize the skin and promote the synthesis of collagen.

After selecting cosmetic products according to the particular needs of your skin, you can narrow your choice further by finding among them those that correspond with your "life philosophy" - vegan, eco, fair trade, domestic and etc.

Add the criterion of "price", given that "more expensive" does not always mean "better quality". This is especially true for imported cosmetics, the price of which is not determined solely by their components, but also by factors such as transportation, customs duties, value of the workforce in the country of origin, etc.

And last but not least, be mindful of the origin of cosmetic product. It is better to trust well established companies that have strong research units and can ensure the safety, the quality and the continuous improvement of their products.

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