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How to choose hair color?

In this variety of hair colorants, offering all sorts of nuances, there are a dozens of colors and color combinations that would be suitable for each one of us. We can experiment and find the most appropriate among them by trial and error or to make the choice easier, complying the color of the hair with the other features of our appearance.

Face shape

Chubby face acquires more elongated silhouette if the hair is dyed in a darker shade. The same effect is achieved with the help of the "hombre" hair style, in which the hair roots are with the natural color or dyed 2 shades darker; the middle of the hair clusters - two shades lighter than the roots; and the ends of the hair are blond.

Bright colors, on the other hand, create an illusion of more volume, so choosing a dye in the blond range will help thin faces look wider. You can lighten your entire hair or a few strands, with which to "frame" your face, giving it a more oval shape.

Skin color

Aim for a light, not too prominent, contrast between skin color and hair.
If the veins in your face look greenish, your skin has a warm undertone. Light skin color with bright and warm undertone fits hair in gold and copper nuances and soft variations of brown.

Pale skin with cold undertone (blood vessels look blue) "prefers" hair dye in a burgundy color, as well as ashy, silver and platinum shades.

Good choices for darker skin with a golden-brown hue are colors like espresso and chocolate. And for the even more swarthy skin suitable are deeper auburn shades, black and some red varieties, such as burgundy and mahogany.


Over time, skin starts losing its elasticity. Wrinkles scar the face, and along with them another sign of aging appears, too - white hair. Every quality permanent dye can covered up the years on your hair, but only choosing the most appropriate color can attract the attention to your hair, instead of the deepening signs of aging on your face. Red hair balances pale skin, making it look more vibrant; copper and the warm yellow and brown shades soften wrinkles, while dyeing in several different colors lifts up, although only illusory, the flabby face.

Acne is one of the few imperfections of the otherwise perfect youthful skin. This dermatological problem gives unwanted redness of the face, so it is preferable to avoid hair dye in the pink-red range, as well as those with very bright color. In this case, colder tones are more appropriate.

Eyebrows’ color

It is not necessary hair and eyebrows to be in the same color. Even nature does not follow such a rule. But it is good to follow the same tone, otherwise you risk to get too unnatural and even comical appearance, or a rather strict one. Consider coloring your eyebrows, if you are going for a bold color change in your hairstyle.

Thickness of hairs

Permanent hair colorants (regardless of color) tend to penetrate beyond the cuticle of the hair, making it more porous, and hence visibly denser. Dyeing in several different shades, however, is able to give a 3D effect and double density to thin hair without volume.

It is better to give importance to your natural features when choosing the most suitable color for your hair. This will hide minor imperfections and will focus on your advantages. But the most important thing you should aim for is achieving a harmonious vision that embodies your own true essence and style.

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