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How to choose the right hair conditioner?


Hairdressers claim that conditioner is even more important than shampoo in the hair care. Not only because it nourishes and hydrates hair in depth, but also because it is the most effective way to cope with all its shortcomings - tangling, thinning, dryness, oiliness, damage. But is it enough to grab the first package on the shelf or there are some special features to consider? Here's how to choose the right hair conditioner, so you can really derive benefit from it!

The conditioner smoothes the hair cuticle and balances its pH. This, in turn, reduces the accumulation of static electricity in the hair, as well as its tangling. The conditioner enhances hair’s shine, and helps its styling. It is a kind of protection for the hair, such as the cream is for the facial skin.

For complete care, however, it is better to use specialized range conditioners, designed to address the needs of both scalp and hair. Their strengthening, healing and moisturizing effect, due to compound complexes and valuable active ingredients will alleviate the problems of the hair and scalp. To select the right formula, however, you must decipher the language of your hair, first.

If your hair has dry, entangled ends

It is better to choose a conditioner with moisturizing formula that will restore the moisture levels in the hair and it will become vibrant and glamorous again.

If your hair is oily

A hydrating formula may increase moisture levels and lead to unpleasant sagging. In such cases, experts recommend a volumizing or balancing conditioner with lightweight formula, which will remove the extra sebum and nourish the hair at the same time.

If your hair is thin, sagging or prone to accumulation of static electricity

These three problems usually go together. A conditioner with collagen is highly recommended in this case. It will strengthen the hair in depth and thus will make it denser, heavier and more vital.

If you have normal and healthy hair

You can use a conditioner with an universal formula, but containing active ingredients (seaweed extract, natural oils) that keep hair balanced, hydrated and vital and restore its structure, damaged by combing or other external aggressors.

If your hair is damaged by dyeing or the use of heated appliances

Or if you notice increased hair loss, you must take serious measures for restructuring your hair. Highly recommended is a conditioner with active ingredients such as taurine and caffeine - the first one is absorbed into the hair follicles and stops hair loss, while the second one increases microcirculation and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

In case that you have a sensitive scalp

If your scalp is sensitive, you must conform the conditioner to it, not to your hair, otherwise there is a risk of discomfort and irritation. The formula should be enriched with specialized active ingredients (such as aloe vera), having mild, soothing, healing and specifically aimed at the problem, effect.


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