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How to clean your tongue?

Given its large surface, able to harbor millions of bacteria, the tongue should be subjected to the same thorough cleaning, as the teeth are. Its hygiene is often underestimated, especially by us - modern "educated" Europeans. The followers of the Taoist philosophy and of the Ayurvedic medicine have long discovered the close relationship between the cleanness of the tongue and the general health of the whole body. Many of us, however, still find it difficult to acknowledge even the relationship between the tongue and the rest of the oral cavity itself.

Как да почистим езика?

Why to clean your tongue?

Tongue coatings are often the main cause of bad breath, gingivitis and dental decay. But they have an impact on the quality of the food we consume, as well, reducing the sensitivity of our taste receptors. The inability to enjoy what we eat makes us eat more and add excessive amounts of salt and sugar to each dish or drink, in order to quench our need for culinary sensations. Sooner or later, this vicious circle harms our digestive system, spoils our figure, leading to more and more problems.

While we sleep, our bodies detoxify themselves from accumulated toxins and store a huge amount of them on the tongue. It is therefore essential to remove these residues in the morning to prevent re-absorption.

When and how to clean your tongue?

The time immediately after getting up from bed is the most appropriate for conducting the cleansing ritual. In addition, the procedure stimulates the secretion of saliva and prepares the body for the absorption of the breakfast.

To carry out the cleaning, you will need a metal spoon or a toothbrush, whose rubber back surface of the head is made for this purpose.

The removal of the coating is done through gentle scraping motions from the base of the tongue to its tip. It is more convenient to stand in front of a mirror with a protruding tongue, so you are able to observe and control the whole process.

Usually, 10 or so repetitions are sufficient to remove all the dirt, while the tool you are using to scrape should be rinsed periodically, between 2-3 reps.

It is important not to press the tongue too hard, otherwise it can trigger the natural vomiting reflex.

After scraping off the assembled waste, rinse thoroughly with water and continue with toothpaste and/or mouthwash with a specific action relevant to your particular needs.

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