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How to conceal acne scars?


The acne scars not only look like "patches" on the face, shattering the notion of perfect skin, but also affect our self-esteem, habits and even our beauty care. However, the decision is in our hands. While we try to temporarily conceal the acne scars with makeup, we need to think about the restoration of the skin for the long term. Here's how.

It is strongly recommended not to apply a covering makeup when the skin is still irritated after the disappearance of another acne rash. The concealer can clog the pores and activate the appearance of new pimples.

It would be better to treat the skin locally. We can put ice cubes or frozen green tea bags, wrapped in a soft towel, for about 1-2 minutes, to relieve the inflammation and reduce redness. Then it would be beneficial to apply a topical acne gel, whose active ingredients will penetrate deeply, will eliminate bacteria and will help the correct cell regeneration.

In already formed scars or passive outbreaks of acne, we can use the tricks of decorative cosmetics. But this should be done with caution, too.

First of all it is important the facial skin to be well cleaned, as the covering makeup may clog the pores. We need to wash it with lukewarm water and a cleansing gel, specialized in the treatment of acne. Then we must rinse it with cool water and wipe dry the skin with a soft cloth.

It is highly recommended to refresh the face with lotion, in order to shrink the pores and remove the chlorine from the water, which can irritate the skin. Lotion’s soft active ingredients will nourish and regenerate the skin cells.

It is especially important to apply a matting base before the makeup - as a kind of protection for the skin. The best choice would be a cream against acne, whose active complexes control the sebum secretion, relieve the inflammation and tighten the pores.

We must topically apply a creamy concealer (slightly lighter than the natural tan) with a makeup brush and level it, using light tapping motions. Then is the turn of the foundation with tint, as close as possible to the skin color. We need to spread it over the entire face, until we are sure that the scars and the corrector on them are leveled and invisible. As finish, we can lightly sprinkle the face with transparent powder for a natural skin glow.

The skin care, we take in any moment of our everyday life, is essential for the prevention of acne scars and their treatment in the long term.

Experts recommend the cleaning, moisturizing, maintaining and healing procedures to be performed only with specialized formulas that contain relevant, for problematic skin, ingredients. The professionals also advice us to use these products even after the inflammation and the pimples disappear.

We should not ignore the thorough cleaning of makeup every evening, but it is better to avoid the excessive washing and exfoliation, as we risk irritating the skin and even making the problem worse.

Last but not least, it is necessary to keep our fingers away from the inflamed areas, if another acne rash appears, because in most cases, we cause the acne scars ourselves.


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