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How to control sweating?

Sweating is a natural physiological process, which regulates the body temperature. Unfortunately, in some people the sweat glands work more intensively (a condition called hyperhidrosis), while in others the process is accompanied by an unpleasant odor causing overall discomfort. Here's how to control the perspiration and the unpleasant consequences from it.

Drink more water

The invigorating liquid not only cleans the body from toxins, but also assists the regulation of the body temperature, and this way keeps under control the sweat glands. Furthermore, it soothes the body in stressful situations and less stress means less sweating.

Take shower at least twice daily

Thus, you will not only keep your hygiene at high level, but also the smell of your body - fresh. The morning shower removes sweat and odor emitted during sleep while the second one neutralizes the perspiration from the dynamic everyday life.

Choose your clothes carefully

The artificial fabrics cause heating and provoke the sweat glands to work harder for regulating the temperature. Conversely, the light cotton fabrics allow the skin to breathe and thus keep the process under control.

Avoid spicy foods during the day

This includes spices, onions, garlic, hot peppers. All they increase the amount of sweat secreted by the glands and the strong smell of some of them is released through the pores and makes the smell of sweat more unpleasant.

Select the right deodorant formulas

For maximum effect against perspiration it is best to use an antiperspirant, which doesn’t conceal the odor as the ordinary deodorant, but blocks the pores and prevents the excessive sweating. In addition, it contains the right dose powerful active ingredients, providing 48-hour protection, long lasting freshness and dry skin. Last, but not least, it can be used on any part of the body.

Specialized formulas for men

It is recommended gentlemen to use formulas designed for men, as they are strictly consistent with their physiological characteristics and contain additional active ingredients.

For optimum results, apply the deodorant twice daily

Experts advise to apply the antiperspirant before bedtime as it needs several hours to give a result. The best opportunity for this is during sleep when the body rests. To reinforce the effect and keep the freshness all day long re-apply the product after the morning shower.

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