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How to dye men's hair?

Men are more favored by women when it comes to hair dyeing! Besides their hair is short and easy to maintain, it contains more natural proteins, which promotes the absorption of the dye and reduces the duration of the procedure. Not to mention that the choice of color and dye is much easier and the fuss is minimized.

Although we know that men are more practical in their actions, by nature, we will dare to give them some "expert" guidelines regarding the hair coloring.

It is recommended to do a susceptibility testing 48 hours before the procedure. Thus you'll see if your skin reacts in contact with the product. Only after two days you can get to the actual coloring.

Meanwhile, you need to prepare the place where you are going to dye your hair. Usually, the bathroom is the most appropriate place, as it is easy to clean and you won’t be worried all the time about making a mess. Prepare all the necessary tools - the hair dye, a comb, a clock and a pair of protective gloves.

It is advisable to wear an old T-shirt, thus you will not regret if it become dirty. Or you can just cover your shoulders with a towel.

It’s time to prepare the dye. It is best to choose a formula especially formulated for men. On the one hand, its ingredients are adapted to the specifics of men’s hair, while on the other hand, there are no women's fragrances in it.

Another advantage of the innovative hair dye formulas for men is the texture. If it is in the form of fluffy foam, it spreads very easily, rapidly and most of all - evenly on the entire hair. This gives a smooth blending of the color and full coverage of gray hair, without being too obtrusive. Of course, you must follow the instructions carefully to get the expected result.

It does not matter whether the hair is washed immediately before the procedure or a day or two earlier, but it is important not to use a styling product such as gel, wax and etc. before the coloring.

Start applying the dye from the roots on the top of your head and then spread the product over the rest of your hair. If your hair is long, it would be better to divide it into sections. When you apply the product on the entire hair, comb it to achieve an even coverage.

In case that you don’t want the difference between your hair and beard to be noticeable, you can apply a small amount of the dye on your beard and / or moustache, as well.

When the time specified in the instructions expires, wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water to "close" the pigment in it.

It is so easy to dye your hair in the 21st century, so we won’t be surprised if it becomes a common ritual as shaving.

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