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How to keep your hair clean longer?

How to keep your hair clean longerExperts say that frequent hair washing is actually one of the factors contributing to more intense greasiness. They recommend other simple, but effective methods for keeping the purity of your hair for a long time.

Change your pillowcase more often.

Dirt from the environment, natural fat and styling cosmetics accumulate on the hair every day. When you lay your head on the pillow, all these pollutants are transferred to it, as well.

Clean your brush / comb regularly

Clean your brush not only from hairs, but also from sebum, scales and residues of styling products. Otherwise, you will spread dirt through your hair, and the more you brush it - the dirtier it will get. To avoid this, wash your brush with hot water every 2 - 3 days.

Protect your hair from the environment

The hair absorbs dirty air, cigarette smoke and even the smell during cooking like a sponge. It is highly vulnerable of UV-damage, too. So, wear your hair tied more often and cover your head with a hat or a bonnet whenever the situation allows.

Avoid touching your hair too often

Wrapping strands around your fingers, removing hair fallen over your face and running your fingers through your hair not only spread the accumulated dirt, but also facilitate the greasiness of your hair, don’t forget that hands, just like scalp, exude natural fats.

Recognize the signals of your hair

Sometimes, when the hair becomes dirty and oily soon after you’ve washed it, it is a result of inappropriate cosmetics. In another case, it is a symptom of a scalp disorder, against which you should take an immediate action.

If your hair gets greasy quickly, use a shampoo for oily hair. Usually, its formula contains powerful herbal extracts (nettle, citrus, menthol), which act as antioxidants. They protect the hair from damages caused by the environment and regulate sebum secretion of the scalp.

If there is no visible improvement, try using specialized formulas that eliminate the causes of seborrhea, dandruff, scalp sensitivity, and contain additional active ingredients (menthol, quinine, aloe, lemon, zinc, algae) that help with another problems such as thin hair, hair loss, hair breakage and lack of gloss. 

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