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How to lighten my hair?

Did you know that only around 2 % of the world’s population has naturally blond hair? That explains why the majority of women from the rest 98 % long for this exceptional color. After all, as the famous philosopher Seneca stated - “The rarity of things increases their value”.

Although giving the blond color only to a few, nature has presented us with enough creativity to achieve what we desire.

If you are among the brunettes, who dream of lighter hair, but do not wish a drastic change, you could try some home recipes. Keep in mind that not all natural agents are safe. That’s why we recommend that you experiment only with products that you wouldn’t hesitate to taste. This way, if you don’t achieve the desired result at least you will not harm your hair either.

Here’s our sweet suggestion – mix few teaspoons of natural honey with 6 times bigger quantity of water and apply on your hair. Cover your head with a plastic hat and wrap it with a towel to keep it warm. Rinse after an hour. With the right conditions the honey releases hydrogen peroxide (a common ingredient in hair dyes and whitening toothpastes), which promote lightening of the hair.

The natural means are appropriate only when you aim at a more subtle change in your appearance. For more obvious transformations you will need the help of a specialized cosmetic product. Now is the time to give you a hint what is the difference between a hair lightener and a hair dye.

The color of human hair is owned to the concentration and the proportions of two pigments - eumelanin and pheomelanin. The less quantity is contained in a hair – the lighter it is. That’s why, if you want to bleach your hair you will need to deprive it of these two pigments.

The lightener will help you to do exactly that. It decolorizes the hair and prepares it to absorb the new pigments delivered by the dye. The use of a lightener is necessary if you’ve chosen a color lighter than your natural color by more than 3 nuances. There are bleaches with different degrees of lightening, reaching up to 8 tones. With the help of the following scale you could easily foresee the result. If you have black hair and you pick a product with an effect limited to 3 nuances you cannot expect blond, but only medium brown.

10 - black
9 – black and brown
8 – dark brown
7 – medium brown
6 – light brown
5 – dark blond
4 – medium blond
3 – light blond
2 – very light blond
1 – ultra blond

After you decolorize your hair to the necessary degree wait for at least 48 hours, so your hair can have a short rest. Only then you can proceed to adding a beautiful blond color with the dye of your choice. When lightening dark hair red shades often appear, but they could be neutralized with a silver blond dye.

Know that it is recommended to have a sensitivity test to both the lightener and the dye. This will slow down the procedure by few days, but will prevent potential allergic reactions.

It also better not to wash your hair right before lightening, so it is less vulnerable to damages.

In order to be completely certain that you will achieve the color you wish for, you could apply the product only to a lock of hair and if the result is satisfying to move on to the rest of the hair. Follow the instructions and do not exceed the indicated time period. Keep in mind that the effect takes place faster at the base of the hair, due to the warmth coming from the scalp, so it is best to treat that part last.

We sincerely hope you will like your new appearance. While you’re enjoying it, nevertheless, do not forget that the bleached hair is restructured and it more than ever needs additional care through nourishing masks, conditioners and others.

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