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How to maintain clean hair longer?

In order to be beautiful, first of all hair needs to be healthy and clean. But keeping it clean sometimes is a real challenge, especially if we live or work in a polluted environment. Here’s how you can save yourself the daily washing and still enjoy long lasting freshness.

Wear a hat

Besides protecting you from the summer sun or from winter cold, this practical attribute serves as a shield against street dust. Your hair would accumulate less dirt while you’re outside and stay clean longer.

Do not touch your hair

Although most of the time you do it unconsciously, try not to touch your hair if you don’t have to. This habit, usually provoked by anxiety or nervousness, contributes to faster greasiness. If it is hard to control yourself tie your hair in a bun.

If your hair is not prone to tangling, you can safely skip brushing occasionally. Brushing spreads the natural fat along the entire length of the hair and stimulates the scalp, as well, causing it to produce extra sebum.

Change the pillow case

Wash your pillowcase and hats more often. Being in direct contact with your hair, they absorb its contaminants, which clean hair "takes" back the next time you use them.

Chose cosmetics according to your hair type

If your hair is prone to oiliness, it is good to use a shampoo that regulates sebum secretion, which will allow you to prolong the interval between two washings. You don’t have to apply balm each time you take a shower. And when you do, apply it away from the scalp. Don’t forget that not only your hair, but also your comb/brush also needs regular cleaning with a shampoo.

Wash your hair with moderately warm water

Hot water irritates the scalp and increases sebum production. Always rinse thoroughly, not only the shampoo, but the products for additional care, as well.

Less styling products

If you want to keep your hair clean for longer time, you will have to reduce the use of styling products. Besides adding oiliness, they act as a magnet for dust and other dirt from the environment. The role of such “dust-catcher” is played also by the static electricity. That’s why, it is best to minimize it, avoiding clothes and hats made of synthetic materials, as well as plastic combs.

Eat healthy

Reduce the intake of dairy products, especially the once purchased at the supermarket. The hormones contained in milk are good for suckling animals, but have an adverse effect on the human body. Excessive greasiness of the hair is often a result of excessive consumption of dairy products.

Try to eat healthy, but do not go to extremes. Depriving your body of something without giving it a better alternative, you are subjecting it to severe stress. And stress is much more harmful than all unhealthy foods combined. One of its manifestations is increased sebum secretion, which will vitiate your efforts to keep your hair clean and beautiful.

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