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How to overcome the accumulation of static electricity in your hair?

A hypothetical situation: You appear in all your glory at a party or a romantic date. You take off your hat and oh, horror! Your hair flies in all directions, as if you have stuck your finger in an electrical socket. Yes, that happens quite often in winter when the weather makes your hair thinner, drier and more susceptible to static electricity. But in this case, you can counteract the physical laws. Here is how to deal with static electricity in your hair.

Keep your hair moisturized

This is particularly true in winter, when we often wear hats. They generate static electricity when rubbed on hair. The chance of this, however, will be decreased if you use shampoo and conditioner with highly moisturizing formula that will counteract the damages caused by climate.

Try to let your hair dry by itself

Air will provide a "locking" of additional quantity of moisturizing agents in the hair, making it more resistant to static electricity. As opposed to the air, hairdryer will make it more vulnerable because of the further drying.

The brush or the comb that you use is also important

Some materials (plastic, silicone) are strong conductors of static electricity. That’s way it is better to use combs with rubber or metal tines (the second are more harmful to hair and scalp) and natural fiber brushes. They won’t cause static electricity and will make your hair shinier, spreading its natural fat.

Make friends with hairspray

One of the tricks of professional stylists is to spray lacquer on the hair from a great distance before combing it. This will not make the hair too heavy and will prevent the accumulation of static electricity in it. Another option is to spray a small amount of lacquer on your brush before using it.

Include foam in your hair care

Static electricity usually affects dry and fine hair. Use a small amount of foam for styling. This will make your hair heavier and will protect it from the cold air.

Eliminate static electricity with means at hand

The easiest way is to slide wet hands along the entire length of your hair. This is going to restore every single hair to its place. Alternative is to take up the electric charge with a metal hanger sliding it over your dry hair. It is a funny and an effective trick!




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