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How to protect your hands during the winter?



Have you noticed how rough and dry your hands become in the winter? Rough enough to repel with your caresses a loved one. The reasons for this are cold temperatures, wind and lack of good protection. And the worst is that we ignore these factors until our skin starts to hurt and ulcerates. Here's how reliably, easily and effectively to help our hands to cope with the winter!

Avoid washing your hands with hot water

Although this is the easiest way to warm up the “frozen” blood in your veins after a walk, remember that hot water actually washes away the natural fat of the skin and thus dries it. It is better to use moderately warm water and to move your fingers vigorously.

Take notice of the soaps you use

The active ingredients in soaps can also affect the skin of the hands during the winter. Therefore we recommend you to choose liquid or bar soaps with moisturizing effect whose formulas are specially designed to restore and maintain the hydro lipid barrier of skin.

Apply a hand cream several times a day

Apply a cream after every wash of your hands. It is useful to choose formulas with highly moisturizing agents (water lily, cherry, aloe vera, vitamins). They will protect your skin from the environment and will keep it moistened, elastic and velvety soft, as well.

It is better to have a second cream with protective action

Apply it before you go out to keep the nipping kisses of cold away. And because the formula usually contains additional softening ingredients (glycerin, natural oils) it would be wise to put some cream and cotton gloves on your hands before bedtime, as well.

Try a night therapy ... with your night cream

Some experts recommend applying night face cream instead of hand cream twice a week under the gloves before bedtime. Thus, your skin will get a strong dose of anti-aging and rejuvenating agents, which will remove the signs of time.

Wear gloves every time you go out

Even a walk to the store can make the skin of your hands dry and chapped. And if you often forget these fluffy "clothes" just leave them next to your handbag.


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