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How to protect your lips during the winter?

How to protect lips during the winterSkin and hair are not the only victims of climate and heating appliances during the winter. Lips suffer, too and what’s more - quite noticeably. Because their skin contains only 3-5 cell layers (compared to the rest of the skin, which has 16), they dry, chap, peel and sore much easily, quickly and visibly. And they need an effective protection!

Protect your lips during facial cleansing

Unbelievable but true! Even if you use the best quality facial cleansing product, some of the active ingredients in its formula (such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide) can disrupt the pH balance of your lips and cause cracking.

Turn lips hydration into a habit

The good old Vaseline will do a great job for this purpose. Apply it before going out, every two hours indoors, and before bedtime, as well. However, if you prefer a more modern product – a lip balm, let it contain a minimal amount of flavors.

Do not ignore the internal hydration

When the body is dehydrated, lips dry out visibly and start to peel. Think about it, that is exactly what happens when we are ill. So, keep drinking your 2-3 liters of water daily, keep eating more fruits and vegetables and reduce salty and spicy foods.

Select your lip products wisely

Color pigments in some formulas cause irritation, drying and even allergic reactions. So, trust only products from established brands, containing nourishing and softening ingredients (oils, vitamins).

Keep your lips soft

2 times a week, when brushing your teeth brush your lips, also. This will remove dead skin cells and will stimulate blood circulation, which in turn will make your lips juicier. For the final, apply a drop of olive oil for deep hydration, nourishment and regeneration.

Replace your toothpaste

Try to maintain your oral hygiene with products compatible with homeopathic medicines for some time. Without knowing it, some people are hypersensitive to certain active ingredients in conventional cosmetics.

Avoid licking your lips

For some people, this habit may seem seductive, but in combination with climate it causes far not so attractive effect. The wind will dry your lips even faster when they are just moistened.


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