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How to protect your nails when painted often?

As much as you don’t want to believe that something so colorful and beautiful as the nail polishes can harm you, you probably have experienced their negative effects on your own hands. Brittleness, splitting, yellowing of the nails - these are just some of the negative aspects of the nail polishing. However, it is not necessary to quit it because observing a few simple rules you can protect your nails from damage.

Select high-quality nail polishes

The high price of the cosmetic products is not always an indicator of high quality too, so always check the ingredients indicated on the packaging to be sure that there are no dangerous substances among them.

Let your nails take a rest from the nail polish

We understand that after the prolonged wearing of nail polish, it is difficult for you to perceive your nails "naked", but at least try to take breaks between the beauty procedures.

Use professional or home made nail cosmetics

Turn the time when you don’t wear nail polish, into a kind of spa holiday for your nails. Massage them gently with pure vegetable oil or a hand and nail lotion, enriched with natural oils. Prepare an aromatic orange juice "bath" for your nails or nourish them with a honey mask.

Avoid the gel polishes

Undoubtedly, the durability of the gel polish is a huge convenience for the dynamic modern woman, but the formulas of this type of products are much more damaging. Moreover, the tools and solutions used for their removal often additionally weaken and dry the nails. Therefore, when the use of a gel polish is not necessary better choose a traditional one.

Apply a base coat before the lacquer

Do not miss to put a base coat before the color coating. It protects the nails, from drying, maintaining their natural moisture, and from yellowing, as well, blocking the penetration of the coloring pigments in them.

Do not remove the polish with nails

The mechanical peeling of the polish turns your nails simultaneously into an aggressor and a victim. It damages their structure, making them more brittle. Therefore, it is always recommended to use specialized cleaning products.

Choose nail polish removers without acetone

Selecting safe products for the removal of the nail polish is as important as the polish itself. Avoid cleaning solutions containing acetone, as it is one of the main causes that make the frequently painted nails too dry.

Feed your nails

Last but not least, to enjoy beautiful and healthy nails is important to eat properly, as well. The raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts enrich the body, including the nails, with valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins, making them strong and resistant to the negative impact of the painting.

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