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How to recognize dehydrated skin?

You feel as if you can no longer fit inside your own outer shell? And you see a tired pale face when you look in the mirror? It is time to respond to the SOS signals that your dehydrated skin sends you! 

Just like a flower, which hasn’t been watered for a long time, the skin starts fading once it lacks sufficient amount of water. Dehydration is namely that – a condition in which the balance between intake and discharge of body fluids is disturbed. It is important to pay enough attention to the keyword "condition", suggesting that you could have either oily or dry skin (which is a type of skin according to the amount of sebum in it) and, in the same time, dehydrated skin, too.

Sometimes dehydrated skin disguises itself as a dry one, releasing dead cells much more apparently, provoking itching and a feeling of tightness. In such a case, you can do some simple tests to determine the root of the problem.

Test № 1

Slowly pull upwards the skin under one of your eyes, with thumb and forefinger, and then release it. If the wrinkle that has appeared fades away slowly, then the level of moisture in your skin is not the optimal one.

Test № 2

Pout your lips for several seconds, then restore the calm expression on your face. Remaining fine lines around the mouth indicate that your skin is not sufficiently hydrated.

Why does skin become dehydrated?

The reasons for insufficient hydration in the inner layers of the skin could be of different natures. Most often, this condition results from inappropriate use of cosmetics and aggressive beauty treatments, a particular disease, climatic conditions, inadequate water intake, frequent use of coffee and cigarettes, etc.

How to help yourself?

We, humans, are "water creatures” - with bodies composed almost entirely of the life-giving liquid. Therefore, as such, it is only natural that we need to get an adequate amount of water every single day. Unfortunately, there is no universal numerical value for the concept of "enough", as the need of each person depends on individual factors such as age, body mass, physical activity, etc. Still, experts advise that we sip water little by little throughout the day, so the body never gets thirsty.

It is true that no one likes restrictions. But if the beauty of your skin is your priority, you should reconsider some of your habits, such as smoking and consumption of alcohol and over-salted foods.

Also, it is a good habit to inspect the cosmetic products that you apply on your face and body, as it is possible one of them to be the cause for the dehydrated skin. Sometimes, very aggressive ingredients are concealed inside the daily cleaners and exfoliants, which violate the integrity of the epidermis, paving the way for the escape of moisture. The most appropriate are the products that clean the skin gently and have extra moisturizing effect. Of course, we should not rely solely on them, but get some assistance from a cream or a lotion with deeply hydrating and moisture retaining properties. Its application should become an integral part of our daily beauty rituals, so the skin is always protected from one of the largest "consumers" of moisture - the environment.

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