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How to recognize expired cosmetics?

According to the regulations of the European legislation, the packaging of each cosmetic product must contain information about its durability. For this purpose, two kinds of marks are used - one shows the maximum shelf life of the product, if not opened, and the second - how long after the opening it can be used, without health risks.

Of course, these markings are only indicative, as it is of great importance how we use and under what conditions we store the cosmetic preparations.

Expired cosmetics may cause quite a discomfort - itching, rashes, conjunctivitis (with eye makeup), etc. That’s why, it is important to pay attention to the durability.

We need to learn to read the markings on the packaging to check the expiration date of the products before we buy them. Most often, the deadline by which the product can be used is shown clearly- the relative month and year, and may also include the abbreviations EXP or Exp. date. More rarely, combinations of numbers and Latin letters are used, making decryption little harder. To assist the user, however, numerous websites have been created, where you can make an automatic check of the expiration date by entering the relevant code.

As we already mentioned, there is also a symbol that shows the durability after opening, measured in months. It looks like a jar with open lid and contains a single digit or a double digit number and the letter M. You should always have be mindful when we buy a product with such a symbol, since if it is not sealed at the factory we can never be sure that someone else did not open it before us. And it is particularly advisable not to use cosmetics after this date on the package has expired.

The check at the store is the first thing we should do. Then, if we want our cosmetics to keep their qualities for the maximum period of time shown on the packaging, we should try to store it neatly - in a dark, cool and dry place, and tightly closed. It is important to wash our hands thoroughly before we reach for the cream or the lip gloss, and to clean our faces before using makeup. Adherence to these guidelines will extend the life of our beauty products, but unfortunately will not make them eternal. Despite all our efforts, they will eventually spoil. We need to be vigilant and to immediately discontinue use if we notice any unpleasant change.

We need to part with our:

foundation, if over time it has changed its original color;

  • nail polish, if it spins like "threads" or appears inhomogeneous;
  • lip gloss, in case it has become too sticky;
  • lipstick when it becomes solid, dry and difficult to apply;
  • powder, when from fine dust it turns into wet lumps;
  • anti-wrinkle serums, creams and lotions, if we notice that they have darkened, yellowed or become more dense;

And also with any other cosmetic product that has changed its texture or color, or has acquired an unpleasant odor.

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