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How to soften and smooth the skin of your heels?


Similarly to elbows, glands in the heel area do not secrete natural fat and heels often roughen and harden as a result of walking, weather conditions and uncomfortable shoes. The condition worsens more in the summer when we spend a lot of time barefoot or with flip-flops. What can we do?

Foot bath

Immerse your feet for 10 minutes in a basin of water to which a few drops of milk, a little sea salt or an essential oil were added. Experts claim that lukewarm water is more effective. Do the procedure several times a week.

Exfoliation + massage

Rub your heels with pumice stone, but not too aggressively, for about 2 - 3 minutes. This will assist the exfoliation of dead cells. Then massage your feet with fingers to facilitate the penetration of moisture in the pores and the absorption of the cosmetics you’ll use thereafter.


Rinse and dry your feet gently and apply a specialized foot cream. It should contain active ingredients, such as glycerin and vegetable extracts (tea tree, mint, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil), which support hydration and regeneration and neutralize odors.

If your heels are very chapped and even sore, use a product with saturated formula and medical ingredients - urea and zinc, which penetrate deeply and accelerate epidermal recovery.

Apply a cream every night before bed and pull on cotton socks that will retain moisture in the skin longer. When you see results, you can put on socks only once a week.

Daily care

Avoid walking barefoot on uneven and rough ground, because it damages the epidermis of your feet. Wear comfortable shoes. Take a foot bath with sea salt when you take off your high-heeled shoes or flip-flops, to relieve and recover your feet.

Take advantage of your seaside holiday and walk as long as possible barefoot on sand. Sand is the best natural exfoliant, and it does wonders in combination with seawater.


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