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How to stop hair tangling?


Tangling not only causes discomfort when styling your hair, but also makes it vulnerable, weak and brittle. However, with the right technique and care, you can keep your hair smooth, shiny and easy to comb.

Comb your hair before washing it

It is recommended to comb your hair, while it’s still dry. This way, you will prevent the hair from tangling when you spread the shampoo on it.

Do not pull your hair aggressively and disentangle it little by little

Try not to wash your hair with shampoo too often. Everyday washing could deprive the hair of its natural fats, which will dry it and make it more susceptible to entanglement. It is recommended to wash your hair up to 4 times a week, furthermore with a specialized formula containing key components for the structure of the hair.

Always apply a hair conditioner

A hair conditioner’s formula usually contains nourishing, moisturizing and soothing ingredients of natural origin (collagen, olive oil, avocado, bamboo), which keep the hair vibrant and flexible and at the same time protect it from the environment, that causes entanglement. If you have an oily hair, apply the product to the ends only.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm almost cold water

This will help closing the cuticles and keeping hair soft and shiny. It will also facilitate combing.

Use detangling leave-in products 

Their formulas are usually enriched with natural oils that nourish the hair, ease combing and styling, and keep the hair flexible and elastic. Try different products until you find the right one for yourself.

Start to sleep with tied hair, especially if it is long

The perspiration and movement in the bed during sleep leads to the formation of many knots. You will easily turn this rule to a habit when you see how much easier the brushing in the morning is.

Wear tidy hairstyle

In wet, windy or rainy weather, as well as during physical activity it is better to tie up your hair. Climate and intensive workout contribute significantly to the formation of knots, transforming the hair into a shapeless and chaotic mass. If you insist on letting your hair down, protect it with a hat or a scarf.




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