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How to straighten your hair?

All we want to get what we don’t have. Therefore, women with straight hair dream of curls, and those with natural curls or limited time for hair styling, prefer to straighten their hair. Probably, one of the reasons is that straight hair looks stylish, sexy and glamorous. However, these common procedures with heat appliances are stressful for the hair and damages it. So, the question “how to straighten the hair safely?” arose.

The hair straightening can be done the traditional manner - with the help of a heat appliance as a straightening iron or a hair dryer, or it can happen the old-fashioned, but slower, way - by itself. Which one we will choose depends on the specifics of our hair, the effect we want to achieve and of course, on the time we have.

Before we begin, we need to wet the hair. For more vitality and flexibility, it is recommended to use a shampoo and a conditioner, selected according to the characteristics of the hair and the scalp. This will increase the amount of moisture in the hair, which will protect it, and will also prevent it from tangling.

We must dry the hair carefully, but not completely, with a cloth. Thus, the residual moisture will keep its natural fat. We can spray the usual styling product we use for nourishing and easier combing (but not a foam or a hair lacquer). It will prevent the hair’s tendency to curl naturally under the influence of moisture and cool air. Then, we are free to choose the straightening method.

Natural hair straightening

You can let your hair freely on your shoulders and find a warm and dry place for the next half an hour, for example under the sun on the balcony or in a room with a heater. Heat and dry air are great assistants in the hair straightening and the opposite - moisture helps the hair to curl.

If the weather is sunny, but wet, it is better to choose an enclosed room and periodically comb the hair, from root to tip, with wide flat brush until it is completely dry. Each strand must dry in perfectly straight position.

Straightening with a hairdryer

The hair dryer is another option for hair straightening. It is better to spend more time for the procedure, but to use the cold blowing function. We need to divide the wet and stylized hair into sections, and start straightening it from the neck to the scalp. We must pull each strand with the help of wide flat brush, and fix it with the hairdryer.

If we don’t have enough time, we can straighten the hair with hot air, too. But in this case, we should not forget to protect it with a suitable product (a heat protection spray or a hair spray). We must roll inwards each strand with a round brush (it is best to start with those on the nape) and pull it down, following the movement of the brush with the hair dryer in the meantime. It is especially important to apply a conditioner in the pre-treatment of the hair and also to use a hair dryer with narrow nozzle.

Straightening with a flat iron

The flat iron is the last, but most harmful option for hair straightening. If we chose this method, we could at least use a device with ceramic plates and different degrees of heating.

After we wash and nourish the hair, we need to blow it with a hair dryer to dry the roots. For more volume, we can bend the head down and comb the hair with fingers to facilitate the penetration of heat. It would be helpful to let the hair straightener heat up at the same time.

Apply a heat protection product on each strand, avoiding the roots. Divide the hair into three sections - upper layer, layer on the level of the ears and section on the level of the neck. Start from the last one. It is recommended the temperature of the appliance to be consistent with the condition of the hair - the thinner and damaged it is, the lower the temperature must be.

The hairdressers recommend to slide down the flat iron smoothly, to take strands thinner that 3-4 cm, and to avoid the roots. We can repeat if we don’t get the desired result, but very carefully, because if we hold the device too long in one place, it could burn our hair.

We need to do the same, with the three hair layers and check the result. If we are satisfied, we can apply a styling product for final gloss and fixation.


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