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How to take care for combination skin?

Each skin type has its own specific needs. And although most women think that it is our face that requires the most care, if we need to honestly judge which type of skin deserves the prize for "most demanding", the combination skin will be the undisputed favorite.

Oily, shiny, with large and often clogged pores in the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry and scaly in the cheeks, mixed skin definitely needs twice the attention.

It can be a genetic inheritance or the result of hormonal changes or disturbances. The use of cosmetic products with aggressive ingredients or with too high content of emollients could also activate the sebaceous glands in the T-zone and irritate the rest of the face. The "seasonal modification" of certain sections of otherwise normal skin under the influence of high summer temperatures, could also be the cause.

Regardless of your skin type, it is always good to follow certain rules:

  • Do not wash your face with hot water
  • Follow the steps "cleansing-toning-moisturizing / regeneration" every morning and evening
  • Use cosmetics from a reliable manufacturer and to always comply with the specifics of your skin
  • Try not to touch your face without a reason or to squeeze with bare hands pimples and comedones
  • Do not use soaps, not intended for face cleaning
  • Protect your skin from UV-rays

Given the specificity of the combination skin, there is nothing inappropriate in treating different areas of your face separately, using several products.

First, it is better to choose a cleansing gel or lotion with a soft effect to remove impurities and excess sebum without drying or causing greasiness in vulnerable areas.

We can treat inflammations locally, using a product with an antiseptic and calming effect. Natural kaolin, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for unclogging pores and removing comedones on the nose and chin. So, the application of a peeling mask with clay on the T-zone a few times a week would be of enormous benefit.

Toning of the skin is an integral part of the daily restorative routine. Therefore, after the main cleaning it is better to give your face a portion of freshness with a gentle formula suitable for all skin types.

We should not forget the final cream, too. Oily skin needs it, as well. We may experiment with different products, until we provide the hydration needed by the face. We could start with a mild universal formula, and then, if necessary, to move towards the use of more powerful or even two separate product.

The modern cosmetic industry offers excellent solutions to satisfy the whims of combination skin. But folk recipes are also good accompanying care. Here are some of them:

Honey cleaning lotion

Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with few drops of lemon juice and apply on face with massaging movements for a minute or two. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Home-made tonic

Splash your face with freshly squeezed cucumber juice and let it stand for several minutes before you wash it away with water.


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