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Celebrity inspiration: Why to choose blond?

Hairstyle definitely plays the role of a "business card" in regard to the famous Hollywood beauties. Hair not only reveals their style and personality, but in many cases it even turns out to be the key to success. Today, we will present to you several fascinating actresses, whose blond hair is their ticket to fame. It brings them countless benefits, the most important of which - the love of the fans and the fashion critics.

Anne Hathaway

We tend to associate this charismatic actress with her brown hair, large expressive eyes and charming smile. Well, the last two have not changed at all, unlike her mane, which is now golden blond, but it looks just as good as the dark one.

Nicole Kidman

One of Hollywood’s sex symbols, she was a real role model for millions of redheaded temptresses across the world. The beauty, who has been opting for safety for years and never risked with significant changes in her appearance, recently joined the blondes. We must admit that with the strawberry shades of blond, Nicole looks irresistible.

Charlize Theron

Platinum hair is a trademark of Charlize Theron! Although she was a brunette for some time, after filming the fourth part of "Mad Max", it seems that Charlize couldn’t wait to return to the blond color.

Scarlett Johansson

The former wife of Ryan Reynolds is definitely not afraid to experiment with her looks. We've seen her with dark brown and with red hair, but undoubtedly the hazelnut blonde suits her best!

Cameron Diaz

This enchantress has repeatedly changed her style in terms of hairdressing experiments. But whether she has chosen strawberry blonde or platinum, it is more than obvious – blond is her color.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is among the celebrities who constantly try out the latest trends. In recent years, she likes to freshen up her looks with a bang or with ombre effect, while always relying on blond shades.

If you are not among the fortunate naturally blond ladies, do not be discouraged! You can bleach your hair blond easily even at home, with the help of the new permanent hair lighteners Aroma Color.


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