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Celebrity men who dye their hairs

If you think that only women can be vain, you're wrong. Famous men are also keen on looking good, so they undergo cosmetic procedures, exercise regularly and eat healthy. Moreover, many gentlemen use dye to hide their gray hairs or to break the monotony of their appearance. Here are 10 of them:

Hair dye is not foreign to actor Ryan Gosling, who recently became a father of a girl. Eva Mendes’ partner is definitely a fan of golden shades.















Over the years, footballer David Beckham has been experimenting a lot with his hairstyle and hair color. Currently, he opts for auburn and we think that is a good choice.















Actor Johnny Depp, who recently married Amber Heard, also regularly dyes his hair. We have seen him with colored locks, as a blond and as a brunet.














The charming Brad Pitt dyes his hair, but not his beard. We must admit that we like Angelina Jolie’s husband with lighter or darker hair alike. And what about you?













Actor Nicolas Cage also dyes his graying hair to hide his age. He is now 51 years old, but it is definitely hard to tell.















John Travolta is also among the male celebrities who regularly dye their hair and beard.
















Musician and actor Jared Leto also experiments with the color of his hair. He is currently with platinum blond hair.















The "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. is among the famous gentlemen who cover up their grizzled hairs with dye. He is a fan of the brown range, which is close to his natural color.













Legendary singer Rod Stewart is already 70 years old, but has been hiding his age behind a hair dye for many years. It seems that blond is his favorite.















Singer Robbie Williams dyes himself mostly in the dark range, but at the beginning of this year he joined the blond team.















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