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Fashion trends in beards and mustaches

For a man to be a real “lumbersexual" it is not enough to simply have a beard. He is the city savage that comes to dethrone his metrosexual brothers. Behind his crude and shaggy appearance, this man conceals his refined nature - he is proud of his hairy face, often combined with a perfect hairstyle, he is interested in culture and lives a natural and healthy lifestyle. Welcome to the modern jungle, ladies! And here are the latest trends in beards and mustaches.

Traditional hipster style

David Beckham is among the admirers of the hipster beard. The characteristic feature of this beard is that it is not trimmed or shaped at all – you just let it grow freely until it gets tired of it (which is very unlikely). Another feature of this type of beard is that it combines perfectly with a stylish hairstyle suitable for more formal appearances. Preferably, the hair should also have a proper length, so it looks symmetrical.

"Tony Stark"

This beard is named after the main character of the "Iron Man" series. It is not surprising that it was namely Robert Downey Jr. who promoted it first – after all, he played the role of Tony Stark and it seems like he still cannot get out of it. Keep in mind that very few men would look good with such a beard, as it requires a broad chin, strong jaw and a thin face.


The goatee, which should not be confused with Van Dyke, is a trademark of many Hollywood actors, including Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. It provides an excellent disguise for those with triangular faces or sharp chins.

Playful and well-shaped

One can rarely see the attractive Ryan Gosling with a smooth face. He likes to experiment with his facial hair and appears at almost every social event with a new "haircut". In recent months he opts for a well-shaped beard with pronounced mustaches.

Victorian style

After the Crimean War the heroes came back with wildly hairy faces. It was then when people began to associate the male beard with courage, integrity and soldier’s honor. That’s how the big unshaped beard became a symbol of the Victorian era. Robert De Niro revives this old fashion and is now a proud owner of a thick beard.


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