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Hairstyles according to face shape

When you are getting a new hairstyle, you should definitely conform it to the shape of your face. Many women choose what is fashionable, instead of what complies with their features. You have probably seen many examples of ill-chosen hairstyles, so here we offer some valuable tips before you go to the hairdresser.

Hairstyles for women with round faces

Women who have round faces look really good with asymmetrical hairstyles, a mix of lengths. Emma Stone is a good example of that. If you want your hair parted in the middle, like Kate Bosworth, the best length is few centimeters below the shoulders, with locks that reach the jaw.

Singer Fergie, who also has a round face, demonstrates another suitable hairstyle - ponytail that is tied at or above the height of the ears. To avoid unwanted volume at the top, you must smooth out every hair. If you like your hair above the shoulders, as Renee Zellweger does, you should opt for more casual looks.

 Ема Стоун   Фърги

Hairstyles for women with oval faces

If your face looks longer, we would advise you to get a thick bang that is slightly longer than the line of the eyebrows. This will make your face look broader. Women whose hairs reach their shoulders or fall below them cannot go wrong with having their hairs parted in the middle. To avoid looking too strict, add some curls, as Hilary Duff has done. A bob with side bangs will help you shorten your oval face and will add softness (Carrie Underwood). If you prefer short hairs, you could follow the example of Rihanna. This hairstyle definitely attracts attention, and it looks very sexy when the neck and the ears are emphasized.


Тейлър Суифт  Хилари Дъф  Кари Ъндърууд  Риана

Hairstyles for women with square faces

A slightly thinned out chin-length bob looks very beautiful on women with square faces (Keira Knightley). You could also opt for soft curls that start at the height of the ears (Megan Fox). You can make them with a large oval brush, a hair dryer and styling mousse. For women with square faces, like Demi Moore, it is always a good decision to wear the hair long and straightened. This hairstyle softens the edges, while the parting in the middle opens the face, drawing the attention away from the chin.

Haircuts for women with heart-shaped faces

Suitable for this face shape are chin-length hairstyles, which fill the area around the chin and distract attention from the triangle (Zoe Saldana). Ladies with long hair can wear it to one side. The idea is to highlight the eyes. If your face looks like Jessica Biel’s, it is a good idea to let several strands fall on the area between the ear and the nose, to balance the width of the heart-shaped face. You can add longer strands, too, to fill the space around the chin. Short hairstyles with side bangs soften all sharp features (Carey Mulligan).


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