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Iconic Hollywood sex symbols who dye their hair

Some of the greatest Hollywood sex symbols are not at all worried about the years piling up behind them and proudly bear the signs of age, as the eternally handsome George Clooney, for example. Others, do not want to take chances and resort to regular dyeing to hide their grizzled hairs. Of course, there is a third category of actors who prefer variety and do not think that hair coloring is a trademark for women. One thing is certain - they are all genuine charmers, no matter what shade they choose for their mane!

Ben Affleck

The handsome actor and director recently went through a lot of difficulties associated with his divorce with Jennifer Garner. In recent years we used to see him with grayish hair, but since he joined the team of bachelors, Ben Affleck began to dye.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey easily melts women's hearts with his blond curls. Recently however, the actor totally changed his appearance, growing a thick beard and dyeing his hair in dark color.

Robert Pattinson

We must admit that Robert Pattinson looks great, regardless of the color of his hair! The sexy vampire from the "Twilight" saga regularly experiments with his mane for a change - from honey and light brown tones to very dark shades.

Channing Tatum

Charming Channing Tatum also changed his color recently, although he still has no white hairs to worry about. We cannot deny that he looks great!

Brad Pitt

The age of the famous actor becomes more and more visible and he was forced to reach for the hair dye to preserve his image of a sex symbol. With Angelina Jolie as a wife, he has no choice but to always look perfect.

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